Telomere Length Measurement Services for Aging Research
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Telomere Length Measurement Services for Aging Research


CD BioSciences is the industry leader in telomere length measurement. We have a wide range of telomere analysis technologies that help researchers fully explore the overall aging process. We can provide comprehensive telomere length analysis, offering measurement services to researchers and companies to drive human aging and longevity research in a better direction.

Why Measure Telomere Length?

Telomeres are the protective end caps of chromosomes and play a very important role in the aging process. As cells divide, telomeres shorten and individuals age, so telomere length can be used as a biomarker of aging or related diseases in the body.

The presence of very short telomeres may lead to the onset of age-related diseases, then measuring telomere length information opens up a greater possibility of living a long and healthy life, and it also allows for assessment of whether some interventions such as medications, diet, and exercise can positively affect telomere length.

Overview of Our Telomere Length Measurement Services

Through the unparalleled telomere length measurement services offered by CD BioSciences, our clients gain access to sophisticated techniques and analytical platforms that enable precise quantification and characterization of telomere dynamics, fostering a deeper understanding of aging at the molecular level.

Relative Telomere Length Quantification Services

We utilize a high-throughput qPCR-based method to robustly and accurately quantify telomere relative length, that is, to compare telomere length with reference gene contents. Our study aims to clarify the association between telomere length changes and aging-related phenotypes.

Absolute Telomere Length Quantification Services

For a more comprehensive and precise evaluation of telomere length, CD BioSciences equips researchers with absolute telomere length quantification services leveraging state-of-the-art quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (Q-FISH) and high-resolution imaging systems. Through this approach, researchers obtain absolute telomere length measurements at the individual chromosome level to unveil nuances in telomere dynamics.

Average Telomere Length Measurement Services

CD BioSciences provides average telomere length measurement services to explore telomere variation and dynamics in different individuals, tissues, and cells. We completely and systematically assess objective factors such as the client's study objectives, sample type, and analysis time to select the most appropriate mean telomere length measurement method.

Shortest Telomere Measurement Services

CD BioSciences provides a method for determining the minimum telomere length using a unique telomere age clock technique, which allows for more efficient and accurate detection of the shortest telomeres. We can detect telomeres in the <1-18 kb range for applications in the aging process, disease progression, and telomere-related processes, including human and animal samples.

Single-Cell Telomere Length Measurement Services

Our service provides data on the average telomere length across the entire genome of a single cell. The ability of our method to dissect telomere length in heterogeneous cell populations will help us understand the role of telomere length in development and disease.

Single Telomere Length Analysis Services

Leveraging our advanced single telomere length analysis (STELA) services, a combination of ligation, PCR-based methods, and Southern blot analysis, we achieve telomere measurement on individual chromosomes. By enabling the analysis of individual telomeres, we empower our clients to delve beyond traditional telomere length measurements, unlocking a deeper understanding of telomere dynamics within cellular populations.

Telomere Length Distribution Measurement Services

We provide a rapid, high-throughput method for measuring telomere length distribution that can be extensively and dynamically measured in a short period from a small number of DNA samples. Our qPCR-based method first measures overall telomere length, which validates the reliability and consistency of methods, detects each telomere length over a wide dynamic range, and calculates the percentage to obtain the telomere length distribution characteristics of the sample.

Telomere Length Dynamic Analysis Services

CD BioSciences delivers telomere length dynamic analysis services that integrate longitudinal telomere length profiling with cutting-edge bioinformatics and data analytics, empowering researchers to unravel the temporal dynamics of telomere attrition and regeneration in longitudinal aging studies.

Telomere Attrition Rate Determination Services

CD BioSciences' reliable techniques for determining telomere attrition rates enable precise measurements, facilitating longitudinal studies that elucidate the impact of aging on telomere dynamics at a cellular level. Our service can be employed in identifying biomarkers of aging, developing anti-aging interventions, studying the aging process, and evaluating the effectiveness of anti-aging treatment.

Service Features

  • Industry-leading technology platform
  • Telomere status changes can be tracked
  • A wide variety of service options
  • Software-automated data processing
  • Discreet and detailed analysis reports
  • Cost-effective, rapid cycle time, customer-friendly service.

Our Standardized Service Process

Our Standardized Service Process

  • Online inquiry. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss the details of your project services and agree on a contract for specific services.
  • Sample submission. Please provide us with the appropriate samples according to our requirements or inform us about the samples we need to collect.
  • Analysis. The samples will undergo molecular analysis to obtain various telomere length parameters as required.
  • Results delivery. Our experts will provide the data results promptly and answer any questions you may have.

CD BioSciences has many advantages in telomere length studies, all of which make us an ideal partner for you. Our telomere length analysis services offer a wide range of service options for individual researchers or companies requiring knowledge of telomere research, advanced techniques and tools, and fast measurement cycles. If you require our services, please contact us, you can reach us via email and our technical staff will respond to your questions and requests within 24 hours. We look forward to and welcome your inquiries.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.