Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation
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Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation


Human longevity is mainly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Due to the human quest for longevity, researchers have also gradually advanced their research on aging and have continued to develop and improve various interventions to extend lifespan, including life-extending drugs.

To explore the impacts of pharmaceutical interventions on longevity, CD BioSciences can provide DNA methylation-based research services to our clients. Our service utilizes DNA methylation analysis to assess the effects of anti-aging drugs, as well as to characterize methylation sites.

Evaluation of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation

Types of Pharmacology Interventions We Evaluate

CD BioSciences specializes in evaluating a broad spectrum of pharmacological interventions on longevity with DNA methylation analysis. From small molecules targeting specific epigenetic modifiers to novel biologics designed to modulate chromatin structure, we assess a wide range of interventions.

Epigenetic modulators

We assess the impact of small molecules targeting DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs), histone deacetylases (HDACs), and other epigenetic enzymes. These modulators hold promise in altering DNA methylation patterns and may offer new avenues for age-related intervention.

Novel biologics

With the rise of biologics targeting epigenetic regulators, we evaluate their potential in modulating DNA methylation patterns associated with aging. Our services include the assessment of therapeutic antibodies and other interventions.

Our Analysis of the Effects of Pharmaceutical Interventions on Longevity with DNA Methylation

Due to the long lifespan of humans, studying the effects of any human longevity intervention can be time-consuming and costly. We help our clients overcome this difficulty by selecting appropriate animal models to study the effects of longevity drug interventions. Our specific services include the following.

DNA methylation profiling

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as bisulfite sequencing and microarray-based methods, our DNA methylation profiling services offer high-resolution insights into epigenetic changes associated with aging. We meticulously analyze methylation patterns in target genes and genomic regions to ascertain the impact of pharmacological interventions.

Pharmacological intervention studies

Our expertise extends to conducting in vitro and in vivo studies to evaluate the effects of pharmacological interventions on DNA methylation dynamics. We further identify CpG sites where methylation levels are associated with treatment by data analysis to explore the molecular mechanisms of pharmacological intervention. Through rigorous experimentation, we elucidate the specific alterations in DNA methylation patterns induced by various interventions.

Data interpretation and reporting

Our team excels in comprehensive data interpretation, providing detailed reports and analyses to aid in understanding the impact of pharmacological interventions on epigenetic mechanisms related to aging.

Our Advantages

  • We offer a variety of animal models according to customers' research purposes.
  • We possess accurate DNA methylation analysis platforms.
  • We offer site-specific CpG methylation identification and quantification.
  • Our independent and rigorous experimental observations derive important insights.

CD BioSciences's DNA methylation age clock-based technology and extensive experience and scientific knowledge enable our team to meet our clients' research requirements and help them navigate and accelerate longevity drug development programs. By combining scientific research and validation, we are committed to expanding the practical application of your pharmaceutical interventions. Please contact us to learn more.


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