Analysis of Telomerase Maturation and Assembly
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Analysis of Telomerase Maturation and Assembly


Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein complex that is essential for maintaining telomere length and providing genomic stability in eukaryotic cells. The complex is scaffolded by the telomerase RNA (TR). Dysfunction in telomerase maturation and assembly has been implicated in various aspects of aging and age-related diseases.

Dynamics of telomerase assembly. Fig .1 Dynamics of telomerase assembly. (Mir SM, et al., 2020)

At CD BioSciences, we offer comprehensive telomerase maturation and assembly analysis services to aid in understanding the molecular intricacies underlying aging studies. Our telomerase maturation and assembly analysis services encompass the in-depth examination of several crucial aspects, including assembly analysis of TR with its 12 protein co-factors and maturation analysis of the 5'- and 3'-ends of TR.

Overview of Our Telomerase Maturation and Assembly Analysis Services

Analyzing the assembly of TR with its 12 protein co-factors

Our analysis services of assembly involve the applications of state-of-the-art techniques, such as high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) and molecular modeling, to visualize and characterize the three-dimensional architecture of the TR-protein co-factor assembly. By intricately mapping the interaction interfaces and conformational dynamics of these molecular components, we provide critical insights into the assembly process of the telomerase complex. Our analysis helps to identify potential targets for therapeutic interventions that could modulate telomerase activity and alleviate age-related conditions.

Analyzing the maturation of 5'- and 3'-ends of TR

We utilize advanced techniques such as high-throughput sequencing and structural probing methodologies for the precise characterization and comprehensive understanding of the maturation events associated with TR. By leveraging these techniques, we can identify sequence variations, modifications, and structural dynamics at the 5'- and 3'-ends of TR, providing insights into the key events that are integral to the functional maturation of telomerase. Our analysis aims to identify potential therapeutic targets that can modulate telomerase activity and alleviate age-related conditions by elucidating key molecular events in telomerase function.

Our Methods for Telomerase Maturation and Assembly Analysis

  • High-resolution Cryo-EM structure
    We utilize high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) to visualize the three-dimensional structure of the telomerase complex, providing unprecedented insights into the spatial organization and conformational dynamics of the constituent molecular components.
  • High-throughput sequencing of the 3' end of TR
    Through high-throughput sequencing approaches, we meticulously analyze the 3' end of TR, enabling the precise identification of sequence variations, modifications, and maturation-associated signatures essential for understanding telomerase functionality.
  • Live cell imaging of various telomerase components
    Our cutting-edge live cell imaging techniques facilitate the real-time visualization and tracking of diverse telomerase components within cellular environments, offering dynamic perspectives on their subcellular localization and temporal behavior.

Applications of Telomerase Maturation and Assembly Analysis in Aging Studies

  • Our analysis of telomerase maturation and assembly facilitates a deeper understanding of the consequences of telomerase dysfunction on cellular senescence and age-related pathologies.
  • By elucidating the molecular intricacies underlying telomerase function and maturation, our services aid in advancing the understanding of age-related molecular mechanisms and the development of targeted strategies for addressing age-related pathologies.

CD BioSciences offers telomerase maturation and assembly analysis services with unique advantages. Our access to cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise allows for the comprehensive characterization of telomerase complexes. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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