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Mitochondrial Genomic Analysis Services in Aging


As we age, the functioning and quality of mitochondria decline, leading to several age-related conditions and diseases. Studying mitochondrial genetics in aging offers valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms of age-related diseases. Analyzing the mitochondrial genome can contribute to the discovery of reliable biomarkers that indicate the progression of aging and age-related diseases.

Mitochondrial DNA mutations and heterogeneity increase with age.Fig. 1 Mitochondrial DNA mutations and heterogeneity increase with age. (Son JM and Lee C., 2021)

CD BioSciences has developed cutting-edge methodologies for investigating the mitochondrial genome in aging. Our advanced technologies enable precise measurement of mtDNA-CN and comprehensive mitochondrial genome sequencing, providing valuable insights into aging processes and associated diseases.

Analysis of Aging on Mitochondrial Genome Copy Numbers

CD BioSciences employs techniques including quantitative PCR (qPCR) and digital PCR (dPCR) technologies, to accurately measure mitochondrial genome copy number (mtDNA-CN) in different tissues and cell types.

We can provide assays for the human, mouse, and rat genomes, as well as generate assays for any species of interest. We analyze the mtDNA-CN to determine any correlations with aging, including correlation analyses, group comparisons, regression analyses, and longitudinal analyses of aging with mtDNA copy number.

Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing for Aging Studies

CD BioSciences utilizes state-of-the-art sequencing platforms to perform accurate and high-throughput mitochondrial genome sequencing. By analyzing the complete mitochondrial genome, we can uncover genetic mutations caused by aging, conserved regions, or divergent regions associated with aging. This helps our clients to discover new insights about the genetic basis of aging and develop targeted strategies.

Our method has the advantages of not requiring mitochondrial isolation, providing a very high level of sequencing depth using only a benchtop next-generation sequencer, and requiring a minimal sample size. Our services are currently available for human, rat, and mouse testing.

Our Advantages

  • Expertise
    Our team of scientists and researchers possess extensive experience in mitochondrial genomic analysis and are well-versed in the latest advancements in the field of aging biology.
  • One-stop services
    We specialize in providing comprehensive analytical services in the field of mitochondrial aging genetics, from sample preparation, DNA extraction, and mitochondrial genomic analyses, to data analyses with aging.
  • Customized services
    We offer customized service options to meet our clients' scientific needs. Our services support a wide range of species and biological sample types.

CD BioSciences provides high-quality and one-stop mitochondrial genomic analysis services to our clients worldwide, aimed at unraveling the genetic mechanisms of the aging process. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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