Animal Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation
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Animal Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation


Understanding the biological age of animals is crucial for analyzing their ecological characteristics. DNA methylation serves as a reliable age prediction model for both humans and animals. By utilizing DNA methylation changes, we can estimate the biological age of animals, which can aid in enhancing our analysis of their survival ability and management.

CD BioSciences' technology platform can analyze a large number of CpG loci DNA methylation. Our services can assist clients in developing biological age clocks for animals. Additionally, our platform has potential applications in animal research.

Our Services of Animal Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation

To create a model that can measure the biological age of animals, we use the DNA methylation clock to measure the methylation status of key sites in the genome and select sites related to aging to estimate the biological age.

Animal Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation

  • Sample collection
    The research services we provide are conducted in strict accordance with the animal research ethics guidelines and approved by the animal experiment committee. We provide research on a wide range of species including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and more. We collect tissue or blood samples from animals for research purposes.
  • DNA methylation analysis
    We can design primers based on the target animal genome, measure DNA methylation of different CpG sites with high precision and high throughput, and evaluate the status and amount of DNA methylation observed with age.
  • Age prediction
    We provide services for predicting animal age, which mainly includes testing the correlation between CpG site age and methylation status, calculating the correlation coefficient between each methylation site and age, and selecting methylation sites with higher correlation coefficients to estimate animal age.

Applications of DNA Methylation-Based Animal Age Prediction in Aging Studies

  • Understanding aging processes
    Our DNA methylation age prediction allows clients to assess the biological age of animals, providing insights into the aging process and potential markers of age-related changes.
  • Comparative aging research
    We compare DNA methylation-based age predictions across different animal species to provide valuable information about evolutionary aspects of aging and potential genetic or environmental factors influencing lifespan.
  • Veterinary medicine studies
    In veterinary studies, our DNA methylation-based age prediction can aid in understanding aging processes in companion animals and livestock, contributing to improved animal health and welfare.

With our unique technology platform, CD BioSciences can help customers solve DNA methylation research problems in the aging process. We can help predict the actual age of animals by developing an innovative DNA methylation age clock, aiming to help your animal aging research faster and more efficiently to accelerate drug development. You can contact us for more information about the development of the DNA methylation age clock. We welcome your inquiries at any time.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.