Evaluation of the Effects of Genetic Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation
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Evaluation of the Effects of Genetic Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation


In addition to diet and drugs, genetic interventions can also extend species' lifespan, such as growth hormone receptor knockout. DNA methylation is closely associated with these interventions, and lifespan-extending genetic interventions can prevent the onset of aging-related DNA methylation changes while delaying the onset of age-related diseases. Assessing and exploring the specific effects and potential mechanisms of genetic interventions could help leverage these anti-aging measures to help extend lifespan and prevent age-related diseases in humans.

In recent years, longevity interventions have been one of the hot spots of research. As a leading biological services provider in the field of aging research, CD BioSciences is committed to bringing together unique technologies and years of experience to help our clients explore the impacts of genetic interventions on longevity using DNA methylation analysis.

Evaluation of the Effects of Genetic Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation

Materials and Methods for Genetic Intervention Evaluation

At CD BioSciences, our approach to genetic intervention evaluation encompasses materials and methods to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Materials Experimental models: we provide different models such as rats, mice, and cells.
Testing reagents: DNA extraction reagent, sequencing reagent, etc.
Methods DNA methylation analysis: Bisulfite sequencing, differential methylation analysis, longevity-related regional analysis.
Association analysis: Methylation and age-dependent patterns, methylation patterns in response to longevity interventions.

Types of Genetic Interventions We Evaluate

We evaluate the impact of gene editing techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 and TALENs on DNA methylation patterns. Additionally, our services also include the evaluation of gene silencing approaches, such as RNA interference (RNAi) and antisense oligonucleotides, to assess their effect on DNA methylation and the subsequent modulation of gene expression. Our services allow for a thorough understanding of the epigenetic changes induced by gene editing and their implications for gene expression and cellular function.

Our Analysis of the Effects of Genetic Interventions on Longevity with DNA Methylation

CD BioSciences offers comprehensive genetic intervention evaluation services utilizing DNA methylation analysis to support the advancement of genetic research and therapeutic interventions.

DNA methylation analysis services

We provide whole-genome DNA sequencing to assess global changes in the DNA methylome of animal samples, characterize the resulting DNA methylation data, identify age-dependent DNA methylation, and build age prediction models.

DNA methylation clock detection services

We assess the effects of specific interventions by testing whether the interventions can extend lifespan and delay age-related DNA methylation age by using a methylation clock.

Specific CpG site recognition

We perform regression analysis on the large CpG locus data generated by sequencing to identify specific combinations of loci associated with longevity, further increasing the power and resolution of the DNA methylation clock.

Service Features

  • High-throughput technologies. Our genetic intervention evaluation services leverage high-throughput technologies to ensure comprehensive DNA methylation analysis, enabling the detection of subtle methylation changes associated with genetic interventions.
  • Rigorous quality control. We adhere to rigorous quality control measures throughout the genetic intervention evaluation process, from sample collection to data analysis, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results.
  • Expert consultation and interpretation. Our team of experts provides thorough consultation and interpretation of the DNA methylation data, offering valuable insights into the epigenetic implications of genetic interventions and their potential therapeutic applications.

At CD BioSciences, we always focus on the needs of our clients. Professional research project planning and perfect execution are the keys to the success of our services. Therefore, with our advanced technology and expertise in the field of DNA methylation, for each of our client's needs, we will help you choose the methods and techniques that meet your research goals through our professional research team.

We provide personalized research services for genetic interventions for longevity, including professional technical support and other services. For the latest news about our services, please contact us.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.