Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis Services
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Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis Services


Telomeric transcripts are crucial for telomeres. Controlling telomere length, chromatin formation, replication, and non-telomeric gene transcription is closely linked to the regulation and levels of telomeric RNAs. Analyzing telomeric RNA transcripts is a vital tool in aging research, providing insights into telomere length and functionality dynamics. CD BioSciences provides telomeric RNA transcript analysis services to aid in the comprehension of telomere biology in aging studies.

Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis Services

Overview of Our Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis Services

Structural analysis of telomeric RNA transcripts in aging

RNA transcripts have a complex and dynamic structure that changes with age. We employ transmission electron microscopy (TEM), circular dichroism (CD), and nuclease digestion to investigate the structure of RNA transcripts of the C-rich and G-rich strands of telomeric DNA. Our results provide new insights into the structure of telomeric RNA transcripts in senescent cells.

Telomeric RNA transcript profiling in aging

Our comprehensive profiling analysis includes the identification of novel RNA transcripts and the characterization of their expression patterns across different cell types and tissues. We aim to help our clients understand the complex interplay between telomere length and RNA transcript expression, which can impact cellular aging processes. We offer a range of analytical techniques, including sequencing, PCR, and microarray analysis, to provide a comprehensive understanding of telomere biology.

Workflow of Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis in Aging Studies

  • Sample collection and preparation
    Our services can support a variety of biological samples from both human and animal models of different ages. For more information, please contact our technicians.
  • Telomeric RNA transcript analysis
    Using TEM, we can visualize the sub-nanometer structure of telomeric RNA transcripts in aging cells. We also employ CD spectroscopy to investigate the secondary structure of telomeric RNA transcripts. Furthermore, we extract RNA from the isolated telomeres and perform RNA sequencing to identify and quantify the RNA transcripts derived from telomeres.
  • Data analysis
    We analyze the generated sequencing data using bioinformatic tools to identify novel RNA transcripts, quantify their expression levels, and map their locations on the telomere.

Applications of Telomeric RNA Transcript Analysis in Aging Research

We analyze telomeric RNA transcripts to provide insights into the mechanisms of telomere shortening and its impact on cellular aging. Additionally, our analysis of RNA transcript expression can shed light on the mechanisms of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer, etc.

CD BioSciences boasts a team of experienced researchers and advanced facilities, ensuring high-quality standards in telomeric RNA transcript analysis. Our team has extensive experience in the design and execution of telomeric RNA transcript analysis, allowing us to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.

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