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Single Telomere Length Analysis Services


Single telomere length analysis (STELA) is designed to measure the length of individual telomeres within a single cell. Rather than providing an average measurement, STELA allows for the precise quantification of telomere length at individual telomeres, shedding light on heterogeneity and dynamics at a finer scale. CD BioSciences is proud to introduce accurate and reliable STELA services designed to provide comprehensive insights into telomere biology, aiding in a deeper understanding of aging processes and associated pathologies.


Overview of Our Single Telomere Length Measurement Services

Leveraging our advanced STELA services, a combination of ligation, PCR-based methods, and Southern blot analysis, we achieve telomere measurement on individual chromosomes. By enabling the analysis of individual telomeres, we empower our clients to delve beyond traditional telomere length measurements, unlocking a deeper understanding of telomere dynamics within cellular populations.

Sample Requirements

CD BioSciences emphasizes rigorous sample handling and processing to maintain sample quality, a factor crucial to the accuracy and reliability of the overall measurement process.

  • Sample types
    Blood, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, solid tissue, etc.
  • Species
    Humans, mice, rats, and other non-human primates.

Workflow of Single Telomere Length Measurement

Workflow of Single Telomere Length Measurement

  • DNA extraction
    We support DNA extraction using a variety of commercially available kits, including phenol/chloroform extraction, cesium chloride gradient extraction, and other techniques.
  • Restriction enzyme digestion
    We perform restriction enzyme digestion of genomic DNA to produce DNA fragments that contain associated telomeric regions.
  • Ligation of linkers
    We attach a linker or aptamer to a DNA fragment and subsequently amplify individual telomeres by providing primer binding sites.
  • PCR amplification
    We use PCR to amplify the specific telomere regions of the genomic DNA. STELA utilizes primers designed to target the telomere sequences, allowing for the amplification of individual telomeres.
  • Telomere length analysis
    Following PCR amplification, we analyze the individual telomere using techniques such as Southern blot. In this step, the DNA fragments are separated by size using gel electrophoresis and then transferred to a membrane. The membrane is then probed with a labeled telomere-specific oligonucleotide sequence to visualize the individual telomere length distributions.
  • Data analysis
    We then analyze the obtained telomere length data using specialized software or techniques to quantify and characterize telomere length. Statistical analysis and comparison with reference data may also be performed to extract meaningful insights from the results.

Applications of Single Telomere Length Measurement in Aging Studies

CD BioSciences' STELA services enable the characterization of telomere length heterogeneity across different cell types, offering a comprehensive understanding of cellular aging processes. Additionally, our services facilitate the exploration of rejuvenation therapies, as well as the identification of critical associations between telomere length variations and age-associated pathologies.

At CD BioSciences, our distinction in the field of single telomere length analysis lies in our integration of advanced technologies, expertise, and a commitment to exceptional services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


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