Experimental Models

Experimental Models

Aging is a complex and multifaceted process that occurs over an extended period. By utilizing experimental models, researchers can study specific aspects of aging in a controlled environment, allowing for a better understanding of underlying mechanisms and the development of targeted interventions.

Welcome to CD BioSciences, a preclinical research organization (CRO) specializing in aging models and evaluations. We offer comprehensive services, including in vitro aging model customization, in vivo aging model customization, and evaluation of aging in animal models. Our mission is to provide researchers and pharmaceutical companies with reliable and tailored experimental models to advance aging research and facilitate drug development.

Food Intake Analysis

CD BioSciences offers advanced techniques, such as specialized feeding monitoring systems and precision balance scales, for food intake analysis in animal models.

Body Temperature Analysis

CD BioSciences offers body temperature analysis services to evaluate thermoregulatory changes in animal models.

Body Composition Analysis

CD BioSciences offers body composition analysis services using reliable techniques to evaluate changes in animal models.

Serum/Urine Analysis

Through comprehensive analysis of serum and urine samples, we can help clients evaluate various markers, hormone levels, and renal function in animal models.

Glucose Homeostasis Analysis

CD BioSciences offers specialized glucose homeostasis analysis services to evaluate changes in glucose regulation in animal models.

Behavior Analysis

CD BioSciences conducts comprehensive behavior analysis in animal models to assess changes in cognitive function, motor coordination, anxiety, and depression-like behaviors associated with aging.

Lifespan Analysis

CD BioSciences offers specialized animal model lifespan analysis services to assess the effects of various interventions or treatments on longevity.

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