Age-Related Respiratory Disease Research and Drug Development Services

Age-Related Respiratory Disease Research and Drug Development Services

Aging is a complex biological process that is characterized by irreversible functional and anatomic changes in the body, resulting in increased susceptibility to disease processes. The respiratory system undergoes multiple changes with aging, which increases the frequency of commonly seen symptoms, such as cough, rhinitis, and dyspnea.

CD BioSciences offers a wide range of research and drug development for age-related respiratory diseases. Through a synergistic blend of expertise, technology, and innovation, we strive to make a positive impact on drug development and improve the quality of life for elderly people worldwide.

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Disease Types Pathogenesis Analysis Biomarker Identification Disease Model Customization Drug Discovery and Development

Pathogenic Mechanism Analysis Services for Age-Related Respiratory Diseases

  • Analysis of intrinsic lung aging. We provide comprehensive pathogenic mechanism analysis services to investigate intrinsic lung aging and its contribution to age-related respiratory diseases. Our team employs advanced molecular and cellular techniques to decipher the molecular changes that occur in the aging lung. By identifying age-related alterations in gene expression, cellular senescence, and oxidative stress, we can gain insights into the mechanisms underlying age-related respiratory diseases and develop targeted interventions.
  • Analysis of intestinal microbiota dysbiosis. Emerging evidence suggests that gut microbiota plays a crucial role in age-related respiratory health. Through sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis, we can help clients characterize the composition and functional capacity of the gut microbiota in individuals with age-related respiratory diseases. By elucidating the intricate interactions between the gut microbiota and the aging respiratory system, we assist clients in identifying potential therapeutic targets and developing innovative interventions.
  • Analysis of gut-lung axis alterations. The gut-lung axis represents a bidirectional communication network between the gastrointestinal tract and the lungs. We specialize in analyzing gut-lung axis alterations and their influence on age-related respiratory diseases. Our team utilizes reliable techniques to investigate the crosstalk between the gut and the lungs, including immune signaling, metabolite exchange, and microbiota-derived factors.

Biomarker Identification Services for Age-Related Respiratory Diseases

We offer biomarker identification services for age-related respiratory diseases to enable researchers and pharmaceutical companies to make informed decisions regarding drug development and treatment monitoring. Our team utilizes a multidimensional approach, combining genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, to identify and validate potential aging biomarkers. Combined with repeated-measures analyses using linear mixed-effect models, we also provide services to evaluate the associations of different biomarkers of aging (BoA) and lung functions. By analyzing biological samples, we can identify molecular signatures that are indicative of disease presence, progression, or response to treatment.

Disease Model Customization Services for Age-Related Respiratory Diseases

We offer disease model customization services to create preclinical models that closely resemble the pathology and pathogenic mechanisms of age-related respiratory diseases. Our team utilizes a range of techniques, including genetic engineering, tissue engineering, and 3D culture systems, to develop disease models that accurately recapitulate the key features of age-related respiratory diseases. By offering disease model customization services, CD BioSciences enables researchers to study disease progression, evaluate potential therapeutics, and screen for novel drug candidates.

Drug Discovery and Development Services for Age-Related Respiratory Diseases

CD BioSciences is committed to accelerating the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for age-related respiratory diseases. Our comprehensive drug discovery and development services encompass target identification, optimization, and preclinical testing. We provide preclinical testing services to assess the efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates, offering valuable data for regulatory submissions. With a team of experienced scientists and advanced facilities, we offer end-to-end solutions to advance promising drug candidates from early-stage research to preclinical trials.

Age-related respiratory diseases represent a significant healthcare challenge. With a wealth of experience, reliable technologies, and a commitment to scientific excellence, CD BioScience is dedicated to advancing the understanding and addressing the complexities of age-related respiratory diseases. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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