Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation
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Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation


Research on aging and longevity requires a higher level of professional technical support from life science service providers. CD BioSciences can help you achieve greater success in individual biological age prediction and aging and longevity research by providing DNA methylation age clock technology services.

DNA Methylation in Aging

What should we choose as a biomarker of aging? The researchers considered a range of indicators, such as brain, blood, DNA expression levels, and more, but the results were all unsatisfactory. Later experiments found that DNA methylation levels across the genome and at specific sequences were associated with age-related changes, with methylation levels at sites such as CpG islands tending to increase with age.

This discovery drives the development of age prediction models that allow us to build models based on the correlation between changes in DNA methylation levels and chronological age, using these models as a predictive benchmark to measure an individual's true biological age. At present, DNA methylation may be the most potential predictor of age, which can be used in individual health detection, disease prediction, and longevity research.

Our Services

We collect datasets including samples from different tissues/cells, analyze genomic DNA methylation status on a large scale with array/sequencing-based methods, calculate correlations between age and methylation levels by statistical analysis, and further develop age prediction models.

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Age Prediction for Human
We provide customers human biological age clocks measurement services. Construct a variety of age prediction models and use various statistical methods to determine the actual age of individuals based on age-related methylation changes at specific CpG loci. You can provide blood, saliva, skin, or other tissue/cell samples according to actual specific needs.

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Age Prediction for Animals
We help clients develop animal biological age clocks, estimate biological age by measuring the methylation status of key sites in the genome and select sites associated with aging, explore its potential for application in animal research.

Sample Requirement

Blood sample >3 mL EDTA anticoagulation tube collection, invert and mix
Saliva sample >2 mL Use a commercial saliva collection kit and rinse your mouth before collection
Cell sample >106 cells Remove the culture medium and freeze in liquid nitrogen
Tissue sample >500mg Divide into 50 mg size, quick-frozen in liquid nitrogen
DNA sample >1 μg No pollution and no residue, concentration ≥20 ng/μL

Problems We Can Solve

  • Help clients understand the specifics of ontogeny and cell differentiation.
  • Research and validation of theories and measures related to biological aging and longevity.
  • Progress research and treatment development for age-related diseases such as cancer.

With an innovative technology platform, a first-class experimental team, and years of service experience, we can provide customers with high-quality research services in multiple fields and better meet their needs. The scientists at CD BioSciences are committed to bringing together advanced and innovative DNA methylation clock technical experience to help our clients start their research journeys on aging and longevity. For more details, please contact us.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.