Association Analysis of Age Acceleration and Mortality
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Association Analysis of Age Acceleration and Mortality


DNA methylation, a molecular marker of aging, is associated with the development of many diseases associated with aging and therefore may also be associated with mortality. Previous studies have investigated the link between DNA methylation, biological aging, and mortality. They have found that differences between predicted age and actual age, known as DNA methylation age acceleration, can be used to predict mortality.

As a global innovative longevity biotechnology company, CD BioSciences is dedicated to providing technical services related to aging and longevity research, including age acceleration and mortality correlation analysis based on DNA methylation analysis.

Association Analysis of Age Acceleration and Mortality

Our Association Analysis Services of Age Acceleration and Mortality

At CD BioSciences, our research services focus on DNA methylation age acceleration and its impact on aging and death.

  • DNA methylation measurements
    We record sample information in detail, including gender, age, disease, etc. Our service can support DNA methylation measurements in the case of samples such as blood, saliva, and cells. We employ various techniques such as microarray-based or sequencing-based methods. The data include DNA methylation measurements at specific genomic loci or CpG sites.
  • DNA methylation age acceleration calculation
    We estimate DNA methylation age using appropriate algorithms or age prediction models. Additionally, we calculate age acceleration by comparing the estimated DNA methylation age with their chronological age.
  • Association analysis of DNA methylation age acceleration and mortality
    We perform statistical analysis to examine the association between DNA methylation age acceleration and mortality. We apply appropriate statistical tests to assess the significance of the association. This may include t-tests, chi-square tests, or regression models, depending on the nature of the data and research questions. We always consider adjustments for confounding factors such as age, sex, and other relevant variables.

Our Data Analysis Services

  • DNA methylation assessment
    We provide processing and analysis of the methylation data, performing genome-wide screening for specific CpG loci for the matched data.
  • Statistical analysis
    We validate the genome-wide specificity of CpG, with CpG in the validation group with matched significance considered as mortality-associated loci, as well as exploring the factors influencing DNA methylation associated with mortality with multiplex testing correction.

Applications of Association Analysis of Age Acceleration and Mortality

  • Understanding aging-related health risks
    By examining the association between age acceleration and mortality, our clients can gain insights into the links between accelerated aging processes and increased health risks.
  • Predictive biomarkers for health and longevity
    Identifying associations between age acceleration and mortality can lead to the discovery of predictive biomarkers for health and longevity. Our services can be leveraged to develop biomarker panels that help estimate risks of mortality or age-related diseases.
  • Pharmaceutical development and intervention strategies
    Understanding the associations between age acceleration and mortality can guide the development of pharmaceutical interventions targeting age-related diseases and mortality risk factors. Our services also aid in the identification of potential therapeutic targets and the development of interventions aimed at slowing down the aging process and extending healthy lifespan.

At CD BioSciences, our DNA methylation age acceleration research services offer a wide range of service options for clients, providing innovative technology platforms and professional resources in a fast service cycle. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry. Our staff will respond to your questions and requests immediately.


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