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Single-Cell Proteomics Services in Aging Studies


The single-cell proteome allows qualitative and quantitative analysis of individual cellular proteins, enabling the study of cellular heterogeneity and revealing fine-grained differences between individual cells. This approach allows the identification of age-related changes in protein profiles within specific cell types, providing insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the aging process.

CD BioSciences, a biological company specializing in aging research, is dedicated to providing single-cell proteomics services for aging research. Our services cover a wide range of experimental techniques and data analysis, allowing us to delve into the proteomic profiles of individual cells and reveal the complexity of aging-related processes.

Overview of Our Single-Cell Proteomics Services

Characterization of heterogeneity

We offer single-cell proteomics to reveal differences in protein expression among individual cells, elucidating how this heterogeneity contributes to aging and age-related pathologies.

Protein expression profiling of aging

We offer comprehensive single-cell proteomics profiling, where we can analyze the expression levels of thousands of proteins simultaneously within individual cells. Based on this, we provide a detailed analysis of the heterogeneity present in complex biological systems and allow us to identify key proteomic signatures associated with aging.

Uncovering age-associated changes

Our single-cell proteomics services can unveil age-related alterations in protein expression, post-translational modifications, and protein-protein interactions within individual cells, offering a detailed understanding of the molecular changes associated with aging.

Mapping aging cellular signaling pathways

We analyze the expression patterns of proteins within single cells, to gain insight into the dysregulation of cellular signaling pathways during aging and identify new targets for intervention.

Technology Platforms for Single-Cell Proteomics

We have developed a mass spectrometry-based proteomics technology platform that encompasses advanced technologies such as single-cell proteomics by mass spectrometry (SCoPE-MS) that can quantitatively analyze thousands of proteins in single cells. We provide this highly sensitive and precise method capable of detecting subtle changes in protein expression associated with aging.

Our Workflow for Single-Cell Proteomics

Our Workflow for Single-Cell Proteomics

  • Sample collection
    We gather biological samples from organisms at various stages of the aging process, ranging from young to middle-aged to old. In addition, samples from patients with some age-related diseases or conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease, or sarcopenia, are also the focus of our services.
  • Cell preparation and sorting
    We employ various methods, such as fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) or microfluidic techniques, to isolate individual cells from complex tissues or cell populations. The isolated cells are then prepared for downstream proteomic analysis, including cell lysis and protein extraction.
  • Data acquisition and analysis
    Using our SCoPE-MS technology platform, we acquire high-dimensional proteomic data from single cells. We employ bioinformatics tools and statistical algorithms to unravel hidden patterns and identify aging-related proteomic signatures.

Our Advantages

  • Our mass spectrometry platform-based technology platform is characterized by high throughput.
  • We enable qualitative and quantitative analysis of key proteins associated with aging in single cells, thus revealing subtle differences between different single cells.
  • We specialize in single-cell proteomics for the analysis of aging-related mechanisms, biomarker discovery, and so on.

Single-cell proteomics provides a powerful tool to unravel the complex cellular dynamics associated with aging. Through our expertise and technology platforms, CD BioSciences provides high-quality proteomic data and bioinformatic analyses associated aging process. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.