DNA Methylation Array Analysis
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DNA Methylation Array Analysis


DNA methylation is one of the critical, extensively studied, dynamic epigenetic modifications, and it plays an important role and dynamic role in human and animal aging biology, especially in the process of human aging and related diseases. The emergence of a variety of DNA methylation analysis methods has promoted and accelerated the research progress of DNA methylation, providing an unprecedented amount of information.

As a high-quality biological service provider, CD BioSciences utilizes innovative DNA methylation array technologies to advance life science research and molecular research on aging and longevity.

DNA Methylation Array

DNA methylation array analysis involves bisulfite conversion and amplification of sample genomic DNA, followed by hybridization of the converted DNA to an array of predesigned probes to differentiate methylated from unmethylated. Methylation arrays can quantitatively analyze selected methylation sites in the entire genome, and have the characteristics of high throughput, high sensitivity and high accuracy.

Service Process

We provide DNA methylation microarray analysis services that analyze sample genome-wide DNA methylation to better understand epigenetic changes in aging-related research. Our DNA methylation microarrays contain the highest coverage and highest quality probes capable of analyzing high coverage CpG islands, providing maximum resolution.

The entire DNA methylation analysis process based on array mainly includes the following three steps.

Isolate and extract DNA, conduct sample quality control to ensure the quantity and quality of DNA.
Scan hundreds to thousands of samples quickly and accurately with powerful resolution.
Differential methylation analysis and display of CpG island sites, and methylation level data analysis.
Technical route — CD BioSciences

Our DNA methylation analysis follows a streamlined workflow principle that enables high-throughput processing of large numbers of samples while reducing sample consumption. This testing service supports aging epigenome research, analysis of various cells/tissues for age-related diseases.

Our Advantages

  • Comprehensive coverage. Genome-wide coverage, including CpGs, non-CpGs, and differentially methylated sites, can be applied to analyze the genome-wide DNA methylation status of tumors, cancer cell lines, and normal tissues.
  • High throughput capability. Fast sample throughput can greatly shorten the detection cycle.
  • Sensitive, accurate and repeatable. Customer-friendly, streamlined workflow reduces sources of bias and achieves high accuracy.

Research Applications

Technical route — CD BioSciences

Research on epigenetic changes associated with aging
Using DNA methylation arrays to uncover ageing-related epigenetic changes allows researchers to understand the functional mechanisms at play in the complex aging process, and we provide featured and customized solutions for the study of DNA methylation in ageing.

Technical route — CD BioSciences

Research on epigenetic changes in age-related diseases
Use DNA methylation arrays to identify epigenetic changes that contribute to age-related diseases and understand the functional mechanisms by which age-related methylation plays a role in complex diseases.

CD BioSciences is committed to applying innovative technologies to aging-related DNA methylation analysis, providing innovative, flexible and scalable service solutions to meet customer needs. Through advanced and innovative experimental platforms and a large and professional team of scientists, we provide high-quality genome-wide methylation array services and are committed to collaborating with researchers from all over the world. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.