Analysis of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Aging
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Analysis of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Aging


To maintain cellular homeostasis, cells employ a complex network of quality control mechanisms to identify and eliminate these damaged mitochondria. Mitochondrial quality control is an important factor in the maintenance of mitochondrial function that mainly includes the biogenesis of mitochondria and the biodegradation of damaged mitochondria. However, a reduction in the level of biogenesis and/or degradation can cause cellular senescence. CD BioSciences offers comprehensive analysis services and expertise in studying the mechanisms associated with mitochondrial quality control during aging.

Overview of Mitochondrial Quality Control Analysis Services

Analysis of mitochondrial dynamics in aging

We perform analyses of mitochondrial dynamics in aging, including fusion, fission, and mitophagy, which play a critical role in maintaining mitochondrial quality control. Using advanced imaging techniques such as confocal microscopy and live-cell imaging, we can analyze mitochondrial morphology, fusion, fission, and turnover during aging. Our services enable clients to assess alterations in mitochondrial dynamics and their impact on quality control mechanisms.

Evaluation of mitochondrial proteostasis in aging

We provide evaluation services for mitochondrial proteostasis, involving the regulation of protein synthesis, folding, and degradation to maintain protein homeostasis within mitochondria. Through proteomic approaches such as mass spectrometry-based protein profiling, we can analyze changes in the mitochondrial proteome and identify alterations in protein quality control mechanisms associated with aging.

Assessment of mitophagy in aging

We provide assessment services for mitophagy, the selective removal of damaged mitochondria. Utilizing assays to measure mitophagy markers like PINK1, Parkin, and LC3, we are aimed at gaining insights into their role in maintaining mitochondrial quality control during aging.

Analysis Services for Mitochondrial Quality Control Mechanisms

Mitophagy analysis in aging

We focus on the study of mitophagy to clarify the intrinsic mechanism of mitochondrial quality control. Our services involve the assessment of mitophagy markers utilizing techniques like immunofluorescence, Western blotting, and quantitative PCR.

Our aim in this analysis is to understand the regulation of the mitotic pathway during senescence and its impact on mitochondrial quality control and cellular homeostasis. In addition, we also help to analyze the changes in the expression of mitochondrial autophagy-associated proteins, which not only affect the degradation of damaged mitochondria but also are closely related to cellular senescence.

Mitochondrial-derived vesicle (MDV) pathway analysis in aging

We employ techniques such as live-cell imaging, electron microscopy, and protein cargo analysis to elucidate the dynamics of MDVs and their relevance in aging-related mitochondrial quality control.

Workflows of Analyzing Mitochondrial Quality Control in Aging Studies

Analysis of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Aging

  • Sample collection and mitochondrial isolation
    We obtain biological samples from aging individuals or relevant model organisms for analysis. We isolate mitochondria from the collected samples using established protocols to study their bioenergetic properties and evaluate mitochondrial function.
  • Experimental design and assay execution
    Based on the research objectives and sample characteristics, we assist researchers in designing appropriate experiments and selecting suitable assays for analyzing mitochondrial quality control. Then, we perform the selected assays following standardized protocols.
  • Data analysis and interpretation
    We provide comprehensive data analysis, including statistical analysis, visualization, and interpretation. Our team of experts meticulously examines the data to extract meaningful insights related to mitochondrial quality control in aging.

The analysis of mitochondrial quality control in aging is a complex and crucial area of research, CD BioSciences delivers accurate and reliable results to advance our understanding of the aging process. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.