Whole Genome Oxidative/Bisulfite Sequencing for Aging Studies
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Whole Genome Oxidative/Bisulfite Sequencing for Aging Studies


Analysis of genome-wide epigenomic alterations, including DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation, has become a subject of intensive research for aging-related investigations. Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) using next-generation sequencing technologies is currently considered the gold standard for a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of DNA methylation throughout the genome. At CD BioSciences, our team of highly skilled biologists and bioinformaticians possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in whole genome oxidative/bisulfite sequencing (WGox/BS) for aging studies.

Overview of Our Whole Genome Oxidative/Bisulfite Sequencing Services

CD BioSciences has developed WGox/BS that allows one to measure the site-specific levels of 5mC in specific regions (a few hundred bases to a few kilobases) of the genome. Since WGox/BS provides the most comprehensive, base-specific, absolute quantification of DNA methylation at potentially all cytosines in a genome, it is very important in the study of aging.

Comprehensive DNA methylation profiling for aging research

We provide comprehensive DNA methylation profiling services by WGox/BS for aging-related research. By applying oxidative and bisulfite treatment followed by whole-genome sequencing, we can generate high-resolution methylation profiles, identifying methylation patterns throughout the entire genome.

Identification of age-associated differentially methylated regions

With WGox/BS, we can compare DNA methylation patterns between different age groups (e.g., young vs. old) or aging-related samples to identify age-associated differentially methylated regions (aDMRs). These aDMRs are genomic regions where the level of DNA methylation differs significantly between the compared groups.

Guidelines for Sample Preparation

WGox/BS uses genomic DNA. Standard DNA isolation approaches appropriate to the tissue of interest (Trizol or spin columns) are fine. DNA should be quantified at least by spectrophotometry and ideally by Qubit. Concentrations should be >10 ng/μL and at least 1 μg of total DNA is required.

Our Workflow of Whole Genome Oxidative/Bisulfite Sequencing Services

  • Sample collection
    CD BioScience obtains biological samples from people of different ages, both young and old. We also consider collection from people with varying health status and lifestyle factors that may influence the aging process. If our customers require sampling from aging animal models, our services are equally applicable.
  • DNA shearing and library preparation
    We perform the fragment of the genomic DNA into smaller pieces using mechanical or enzymatic methods. Then, we convert the DNA fragments into a sequencing library by adding adapters and incorporating indexes for sample multiplexing.
  • Oxidative and bisulfite treatment, next-generation sequencing
    We first employ oxidative and bisulfite treatment on the DNA library and then utilize next-generation sequencing platforms to obtain accurate and comprehensive WGox/BS data.

General principles of WGox/BS.Fig. 1 General principles of WGox/BS.

  • Data analysis
    Our expert bioinformatics team analyzes complex WGox/BS data, including FASTQ reads, methylation estimation, site annotation, differential methylation region (DMR) detection, and visualization.
Data Analysis Services Details
Methylation pattern analysis We analyze different DNA methylation patterns such as CpG sites, to identify regions where DNA methylation shows age-related changes.
Pathway analysis We also perform functional enrichment analyses, pathway analyses, or network analyses to elucidate biological processes and pathways affected by age-related epigenetic modifications.

CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive range of services for WGox/BS for aging studies, including sample preparation guidelines, library construction, sequencing, and data analysis. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.