Evaluation of the Effects of Dietary Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation
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Evaluation of the Effects of Dietary Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation


Aging is strongly associated with changes in DNA methylation, which can be altered by dietary interventions. Several dietary factors have been investigated for their ability to influence DNA methylation patterns and potentially slow down the aging process. CD BioSciences provides analysis services of the effects of dietary interventions on longevity using DNA methylation to support the research and development of longevity foods and drugs.

Evaluation of the Effects of Dietary Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation

Types of Dietary Interventions We Analyze

Nutrient-specific interventions

Our expert team at CD BioSciences customizes protocols for different nutrient or calorie-restricted studies, including folic acid, vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin E, retinol, calcium, etc., providing valuable data for dietary recommendations.

Dietary patterns interventions

We also specialize in evaluating the influence of broader dietary patterns on DNA methylation. Rather than focusing on individual nutrients or bioactive compounds, studying broader dietary patterns allows for a more comprehensive assessment of the overall diet's impact on DNA methylation.

Our Analysis of the Effects of Dietary Interventions on Longevity with DNA Methylation

We provide research services for the evaluation of dietary interventions to prevent aging and prolong life, exploring the specific utility and mechanisms of various nutrients and caloric intake. The study is primarily using animal models and all animal experiments comply with all regulations.

We will conduct a comprehensive comparative genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of young and old animal samples along the following lines as shown below to investigate the effects of short-term dietary interventions on age-related methylation.

Evaluation of the Effects of Dietary Interventions on Longevity Using DNA Methylation

DNA methylation sequencing

We prepare DNA samples from experimental animals, construct DNA libraries, pool sequence data, and perform bioinformatics analysis of the data.

Differential methylation regional analysis

We identify age-related differentially methylated regions by comparing experimental samples between different groups, as well as regions of abnormal methylation shown in the presence of short-term dietary interventions.

Analysis of aging-associated methylation altered by dietary interventions

We analyze whether aging-associated methylation is improved or reversed in the presence of dietary intervention and perform pathway enrichment analysis.

Service Features

  • Comprehensive DNA methylation profiling. We utilize advanced technologies for in-depth analysis of DNA methylation patterns to identify specific epigenetic changes associated with different dietary interventions.
  • Customized data analysis and interpretation. We provide tailored insights by integrating DNA methylation data with genetic profiles, allowing for the evaluation of the intricate relationship between dietary interventions and epigenetic modifications.
  • Longitudinal monitoring. We offer continuous tracking of DNA methylation patterns over time, enabling the assessment of sustained effects of dietary interventions on epigenetic regulation.

CD BioSciences has accumulated a wealth of experience in DNA methylation research, and we can provide low-cost, high-throughput analytical techniques to meet our customers' expectations. We are committed to being a professional partner you can trust to provide you with first-class technology and research services to accelerate your project and maximize the success of your project. If you have any needs, you can contact us and we will solve your doubts and provide detailed information.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.