Oxidative/Bisulfite Amplicon Sequencing for Aging Studies
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Oxidative/Bisulfite Amplicon Sequencing for Aging Studies


For some aging and longevity studies, a specific gene or loci is of interest. By amplifying the region(s) of interest sequencing can be performed on large numbers of samples to a great depth using only a benchtop sequencer. By utilizing the latest sequencing technologies, CD BioSciences offers oxidative/bisulfite amplicon sequencing (Ox/BSAS) services for aging studies that can identify and quantify DNA methylation at single-base resolution.

Overview of Our Oxidative/Bisulfite Oligonucleotide Capture Sequencing Services

CD BioSciences has successfully developed Ox/BSAS services and their variant services, including restriction enzymes, the use of microdroplets for the PCR, further evolutions of the library preparation, and the addition of analyzing hydroxymethylation. These approaches provide base-specific absolute quantitation of 1-10 kb targeted regions, making this method highly valuable for hypothesis-driven aging research.

Custom assay design

We offer custom assay design services for Ox/BSAS, tailoring the assay to target specific gene regions or CpG sites of interest in the context of aging. This customization allows for a targeted analysis of age-related epigenetic changes.

Longevity gene analysis

CD BioSciences' Ox/BSAS services can aid in the identification and characterization of longevity genes. Investigating the DNA methylation patterns of longevity-associated genes can illuminate the mechanisms underlying exceptional lifespan.

Age-related disease studies

By examining the DNA methylation patterns of individuals with age-related diseases, our Ox/BSAS services can provide valuable insights into the epigenetic modifications associated with these conditions.

Intervention studies

We use Ox/BSAS in intervention studies to assess the impact of potential anti-aging interventions or therapies on DNA methylation levels. This can help evaluate the effectiveness of interventions in modulating age-related epigenetic changes.

Guidelines for Sample Preparation

CD BioSciences provides detailed guidelines for sample collection and preparation to ensure high-quality data for aging studies. Our sequencing services support a wide range of sample types, such as longevity cohorts, human cohorts of different ages, animal cohorts, and more.

Considering the specific research questions, we always give suggestions for collecting sample sources. Our experts can guide the most suitable sample types, such as blood, tissues, or cell lines, for a particular study.

Our Workflow of Oxidative/Bisulfite Oligonucleotide Capture Sequencing Services

General principles of BSAS.Fig. 1 General principles of BSAS.

CD BioSciences establishes a well-defined workflow to ensure precise and reproducible Ox/BSAS results for aging studies, including bisulfite conversion, library construction by PCR amplification of target regions as well as incorporating unique barcodes, sequencing, and data analyses. Our approach allows us to analyze almost any region of any genome.

We leverage expertise to generate large-scale, high-quality sequencing data for informative analyses. We perform statistical analyses to identify differentially methylated regions associated with aging. We also employ gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis, KEGG pathway analysis, or Reactome pathway analysis to identify biological processes or pathways that are enriched in genes associated with aging.

CD BioSciences' Ox/BSAS service offers an invaluable tool for researchers studying aging. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.