DNA Methylation Aging Clock Development Services
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DNA Methylation Aging Clock Development Services


DNA methylation aging clocks technology is an actual age estimator constructed from epigenetic DNA methylation marks. The unique high-throughput sequencing allows for low-cost and scalable targeted methylation sequencing, enabling high-performance age-related DNA methylation biomarker analysis, and the construction of epigenetic clocks to accurately predict age in many species. Automated library preparation enables researchers to process large volumes of samples in a short time, enabling low-cost investigations with flexible, reliable, and scalable sequencing methods.

DNA methylation clocks contain both chronological and biological information.Fig.1 DNA methylation clocks contain both chronological and biological information. (Bell CG, et al., 2019)

CD BioSciences offers DNA methylation aging clock development services, providing comprehensive solutions for understanding the complex mechanisms of aging and its associated biological processes.

Development Process of DNA Methylation Aging Clocks

  • Data acquisition and feature selection
    We acquire large-scale DNA methylation data from diverse cohorts, including samples from different age groups. This data serves as the foundation for identifying age-related methylation patterns across the genome. Next, we utilize advanced bioinformatics tools to analyze the DNA methylation data and select informative features or methylation sites that exhibit strong correlations with chronological age.
  • Model development
    Employing machine learning algorithms such as random forests, support vector machines, or deep learning approaches, we use the selected features to train a predictive model that estimates biological age based on DNA methylation patterns. The model is trained using the acquired DNA methylation data and validated against independent datasets to ensure robustness and generalizability.
  • Validation and optimization
    We perform validation and optimization to validate the accuracy and reliability of the DNA methylation aging clock. Our services involve assessing the performance of the predictive model across diverse cohorts and experimental conditions to ensure its robustness and reproducibility.

Applications of DNA Methylation Aging Clocks

CD BioSciences recognizes the profound implications of these aging clocks in unraveling the complexities of aging-related processes and their broader implications for human health. With unrivaled proficiency in epigenetic analysis and bioinformatics, we offer tailored solutions that harness the potential of DNA methylation aging clocks.

  • With DNA methylation aging clocks, we can precisely show DNA methylation associated with aging. Detailed assessment of DNA methylation clocks can reveal unique insights into the aging process itself, as well as serve as biomarkers of biological age and inform the risk of common diseases associated with biological actual age.
  • We believe DNA methylation aging clock technology has the potential to be a robust and sensitive assessment system that can help accelerate the development and production of biologics for age-related diseases. It allows rapid scale-up to identify specific DNA methylation biomarkers for developing therapeutic agents and evaluating drug performance in different disease types.

Service Features

  • Customized development. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to tailor DNA methylation aging clocks according to specific research objectives and clinical requirements. Through iterative refinement and validation, we ensure the aging clocks into diverse applications.
  • Reliable validation. We employ various methodologies to validate the DNA methylation aging clocks across diverse cohorts and experimental settings.
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics analyses. We leverage cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and analytical platforms to conduct comprehensive DNA methylation profiling, facilitating the identification of epigenetic signatures associated with aging and age-related diseases.

By seamlessly integrating advanced computational methodologies, comprehensive validation strategies, and customized service features, CD BioSciences empowers our clients to unlock the transformative potential of DNA methylation aging clocks in diverse research and clinical applications. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


  1. Bell CG, et al. DNA methylation aging clocks: challenges and recommendations. Genome Biol, 2019, 20 (249).

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