DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction From Human Saliva
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DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction From Human Saliva


Most DNA methylation age clocks on the market today are models for blood samples, but saliva is also a common body fluid, and its DNA methylation pattern can also be used as a biomarker of aging. Saliva contains DNA methylation at some highly predicted CpG sites, which may provide the potential for highly accurate age prediction. As a service provider for aging research, CD BioSciences can provide professional support for DNA methylation analysis of saliva to clients worldwide.

DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction From Human Saliva

Introduction of DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction from Saliva

The field of epigenetics has seen the generation of several tissue-based models of DNA methylation due to the continuous development of technology. These models can identify and apply age-related CpG sites, and some tissue-specific age prediction models have been constructed. The DNA methylation age prediction model based on saliva samples has specific CpG site markers, which makes it precise. Saliva samples have a heterogeneous cellular composition, including oral epithelial cells and leukocytes, enabling the model to provide high predictive accuracy.

Workflow of DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction from Saliva

CD BioSciences provides age prediction services based on saliva samples, which analyzes the methylation status of the saliva genome through DNA methylation clocks and predicts the biological age of the samples. We develop and/or apply age prediction models, reducing analysis cost and time, and providing cost-effective and potentially useful methods in the field of predicting age.

  • Saliva sample collection
    We begin with the collection of saliva samples from a wide range of ages using specialized collection kits. These samples are meticulously handled to maintain the integrity of the DNA methylation patterns, ensuring reliable and consistent data for analysis.
  • DNA methylation analysis
    We employ advanced laboratory facilities to extract the crucial DNA methylation information from the saliva samples. High-throughput sequencing and advanced bioinformatics are utilized to decipher the intricate methylation patterns, laying the foundation for creating predictive models.
  • Age prediction
    Through innovative computational algorithms, we correlate specific DNA methylation patterns in saliva with chronological age. Our services also support the application of existing well-established age prediction models for saliva. These models are continuously refined and validated, ensuring high-quality and reliable age predictions.

Applications of DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction from Saliva in Aging Studies

  • Longitudinal aging studies
    By tracking changes in DNA methylation patterns over time, we gain insights into the dynamics of aging and its association with various physiological and environmental factors.
  • Biological age assessment
    Our services provide estimation of biological age based on their DNA methylation patterns, which can be utilized to gauge the impact of interventions on biological age and overall health span.

CD BioSciences is a service provider for aging and longevity research, providing a comprehensive and extensive biological age clock technology platform, our innovative technology can be your ideal collaboration platform. Our specialized DNA methylation analysis technology provides our clients with a wide range of service options, including innovative technology platforms, predictive modeling tools, and fast service cycles. Please contact us for the service you need via hotline or email. We will respond to your questions and requests immediately.


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