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Single-Cell Telomere Length Measurement Services


Telomere length is highly heterogeneous and varies with cell type, age, and individual. Most current measurements of telomere length use the average of cell populations. However, it is worth noting that methods to quantify the length of individual telomeres can provide valuable information about telomere length distribution.


CD BioSciences offers affordable measurements of telomere length in individual cells using quantitative fluorescent in situ hybridization (Q-FISH) and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technologies. Our service provides data on the average telomere length across the entire genome of a single cell. The ability of our method to dissect telomere length in heterogeneous cell populations will help us understand the role of telomere length in development and disease.

Why Measure Telomere Length in Single Cells?

Extremely short telomeres are usually the cause of age-related pathology. The longest telomeres are markers of the adult stem cell compartment. These findings all suggest that individual telomere length heterogeneity plays a very important role in cancer, aging, and other human diseases.

Thus, the ability to measure the telomere length of individual cells is important for the study of cellular senescence, age-related diseases, and human development.

Sample Requirements

Our services are designed to accommodate a diverse range of sample types, including blood, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, solid tissue, etc. We support measurement in a wide range of species, including humans, mice, rats, and other non-human primates.

If DNA purification is required, we use phenol/chloroform extraction, cesium chloride gradients, and other techniques to achieve the aims. Our assays require very small amounts of DNA samples and are not restricted to any cell or tissue type.

Workflow of Single Cell Telomere Length Measurement

  • Single-cell isolation
    We employ reliable techniques to isolate individual cells from the prepared samples.
  • Telomere length analysis
    We perform accurate, reliable, and high-quality assessments of telomere length in individual cells for a comprehensive understanding of cellular aging dynamics.
Techniques Service detail
Q-FISH We prepare fluorescently labeled probes specific to telomeric DNA sequences and hybridize them into fixed cells.
We capture images of cells with labeled telomeres using a high-resolution fluorescence microscope.
Finally, we quantify the telomere signal within individual cells using specialized image analysis software to accurately measure telomere length.
qPCR We design specific primers for telomeric DNA sequences and reference genes and amplify the respective DNA sequences using qPCR.
We analyze the amplification and assay results with the software and calculate the telomere length of individual cells.

Applications of Single-Cell Telomere Length Measurement in Aging Studies

  • Dissecting telomere length in heterogeneous cell populations will help understand the role of telomere length in development and disease.
  • Facilitate the identification and functional study of cancer stem cells and pluripotent stem cells.
  • Understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the variation of individual cells during development, disease, aging, and tumorigenesis.

CD BioSciences is dedicated to fulfilling all of your telomere measurement needs. Our advanced single-cell telomere length measurement services open avenues for comprehensive analyses of telomere length across different cell types. If you have any telomere research needs, please feel free to contact us.


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