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Telomere Length Distribution Measurement Services


Telomere length distribution can be used as a marker for aging or certain disease studies, based on its characteristics it may be possible to detect the telomere machinery. As an industry-leading provider of biological research services, with a unique technology platform and top-notch expertise, CD BioSciences can provide telomere length distribution measurement services which can help explore the telomere changes.

Introduction of Telomere Length Distribution Measurement

As age increases, the distribution of short/medium/long telomeres in human cells may also change. Of these, shorter telomeres may be a cause of age-related disease, and longer telomeres are a marker of the adult stem cell compartment. Understanding telomere length distribution characteristics may help to obtain potential information that average telomere length results cannot provide.

Telomeres shorten with cell division.Fig. 1 Telomeres shorten with cell division. (Lai TP, et al., 2018)

Overview of Our Telomere Length Distribution Measurement Services

At CD BioSciences, we employ a range of advanced techniques for telomere length distribution measurement, ensuring comprehensive and accurate data generation.

Telomere length distribution measurement by Southern blot analysis

We analyze the length distribution of terminal restriction fragments (TRFs) by Southern blot analysis, which allows for the visualization of long and short telomeres, to provide an understanding of the overall distribution of telomere length within the sample.

Telomere length distribution measurement by qPCR

Our qPCR-based method initially measures the overall length of telomeres to validate the reliability and consistency of the methods. Then, we detect the length of each telomere over a wide dynamic range and calculate the percentage to obtain the telomere length distribution characteristics of the sample.

Workflow of Telomere Length Distribution Measurement

Our services follow a meticulous workflow, beginning with the collection of high-quality biological samples. Subsequent telomere length measurement steps are executed using the chosen techniques, and the data analysis phase includes statistical assessment and visualization tools to characterize the distribution of telomere lengths within the sample. The specific procedure is shown in the figure below.

Workflow of telomere length distribution measurement.

Following telomere length measurements, the data undergoes comprehensive analysis using statistical assessment and visualization tools. We use histograms, boxplots, and statistical measures such as mean, median, and standard deviation are utilized to characterize the distribution of telomere lengths within the samples.

  • We visualize the frequency distribution of telomere lengths in the sample using a histogram. The x-axis typically represents the range of telomere lengths, and the y-axis represents the frequency or number of telomeres in each length range. The histogram facilitates the visualization of distribution patterns, including the presence of peaks or multiple subgroups of telomere lengths in the sample.
  • We provide a concise and informative graphical summary of the telomere length distribution in boxplots, illustrating the median, quartiles, and range of the data. The whiskers extend to a range of minimum and maximum values, allowing a quick assessment of the distribution and central tendency of telomere length.

Deliverables of Telomere Length Distribution Measurement

Our services are aimed at solving the problem of probing telomere length distribution using measurement techniques, which can present our clients with the following results through methods that have the flexibility to meet the goals of each researcher's project.

  • Telomere length distribution report. We analytically determine each telomere length to calculate the short/medium/long telomere percentages to characterize and construct telomere length distribution maps.
  • Association analysis report. We analyze telomere length distribution characteristics that could yield associations with telomere length dynamics, and further studies may reveal relationships with aging-related diseases and longevity.

CD BioSciences is committed to providing outstanding services for measuring telomere length distribution. Our service process includes developing a research protocol, analyzing data by a team of professionals, implementing specific protocols, and submitting data reports for final discussion. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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