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Telomere Length Dynamic Analysis Services


Telomeres shorten with age and the degree of shortening correlates with the aging and disease process of the individual. When telomeres shorten to the point of damaging DNA, it leads to cellular senescence and apoptosis until the individual dies. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of telomere length is of great value to help us assess the impact of different influences on aging and mortality. At CD BioSciences, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge telomere length dynamic analysis services.


Overview of Our Telomere Length Dynamic Analysis Services

CD BioSciences offers a range of advanced and precise telomere length dynamic analysis services aimed at unraveling the complexities of telomere biology.

Telomere length measurement

We utilize techniques such as quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (Q-FISH), and Southern blot analysis to accurately measure telomere length in a variety of sample types. Our service is fundamental to understanding the dynamics of chromosome aging and cellular health.

Telomere erosion rate assessment

Our dynamic analysis services include the evaluation of telomere erosion rate, allowing for the assessment of how various factors influence the gradual shortening of telomeres over time.

Telomere dysfunction analysis

We offer comprehensive analyses of telomere dysfunction, focusing on the integrity and functionality of telomeres within cells. Through our advanced analysis services, researchers can gain insights into the role of telomere dysfunction in disease pathogenesis and potential therapeutic targets.

Workflow of Telomere Length Dynamic Analysis Services

At CD BioSciences, our telomere length dynamic analysis services follow a meticulously designed workflow to ensure accuracy, reproducibility, and meaningful insights. From sample collection and processing to data analysis and interpretation, our workflow is characterized by rigorous quality control measures and adherence to scientific standards.

  • Sample collection
    We collect samples of blood, tissues, cells, etc. from different study species at different times.
  • Telomere length measurement
    We employ advanced techniques for telomere length measurement. The choice of technique is based on the specific requirements of the analysis and the type of sample being studied.
  • Data analysis and reporting
    We rigorously analyze the data obtained from telomere length measurements with specialized software and algorithms. Upon completion of the analysis, the results are compiled into comprehensive reports that are delivered to the clients. Our reports contain detailed findings, including the measured telomere lengths, erosion rates, and assessment of telomere dysfunction if applicable.

Applications of Telomere Length Dynamic Analysis in Aging Studies

  • We employ telomere length dynamic analysis to help improve understanding of telomere dynamics in different natural populations and to analyze the association between telomere changes and individual lifespan.
  • We employ telomere length dynamic analysis to study certain age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.
  • We employ telomere length dynamic analysis to help investigate the role of certain antioxidants, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other drugs in slowing telomere shortening and slowing aging.
  • We employ telomere length dynamic analysis to help individuals explore which lifestyle changes might help with health management and lifespan extension.

The analysis of telomere dynamic changes and the exploration of their mechanisms are of great importance and have promising applications in aging research and disease treatment. CD BioSciences provides high precision, high range, complete, and comprehensive solutions for telomere dynamic analysis. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.