Analysis Services for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aging
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Analysis Services for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aging


The free radical theory of aging is several decades old. As mitochondria are the principal source of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS), this hypothesis suggested a central role for the mitochondrion in normal mammalian aging. With aging, mitochondria are more vulnerable to morphological changes. These changes result in reduced function due to oxygen radical damage, which eventually causes the aging of the organism.

Fig. 1 Mitochondrial dysfunction during aging and age-related disorders.Fig. 1 Mitochondrial dysfunction during aging and age-related disorders. (Srivastava S, 2017)

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key hallmark of aging and is associated with a wide range of age-related diseases. At CD BioSciences, we provide a wide range of analysis services dedicated to studying mitochondrial dysfunction in aging.

Analysis Services for the Role of ROS in Mitochondrial Dysfunction During Aging

Our analysis services are focused on examining the impact of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on mitochondrial dysfunction during the aging process. We utilize techniques, including fluorescence-based assays and mass spectrometry, to quantify ROS levels and evaluate oxidative damage to mitochondria. By comprehending the influence of ROS on mitochondrial function, we can gain an understanding of the underlying mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction related to aging.

Our core service involves analyzing the connection between mitochondria, aging, and ROS levels. This relationship is closely intertwined with redox stress signaling thresholds (RST) and mitochondrial depolarization. Our services are adaptable to various animal models, including nematodes, mice, naked mole rats, and bats.

Analysis of Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism Dysfunction Associated with Aging

Our company offers analysis services to evaluate disorders associated with mitochondrial energy metabolism in aging. We employ high-resolution respirometry and metabolomics profiling techniques to assess mitochondrial respiration, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, and metabolic changes. By clarifying changes in mitochondrial energy metabolism, we can identify potential targets for interventions to mitigate age-related mitochondrial dysfunction.

Our services are crucial in aging-related research as we can first identify and validate biomarkers that are relevant to disorders of mitochondrial energy metabolism during the aging process. Secondly, we can assess mitochondrial lifespan to gain a better understanding of the aging process.

Analysis of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Aging

CD BioSciences provides analysis services to investigate the quality control of mitochondria during the aging process. Our range of services includes assessing mitochondrial dynamics, mitophagy, proteostasis, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) integrity.

By utilizing imaging techniques, proteomic strategies, and molecular biology assays, we can investigate variations in mitochondrial quality control and their impact on mitochondrial dysfunction over time. Furthermore, we expose the internal mechanisms that influence mitochondrial quality control during senescence, encompassing both mitophagy and the mitochondria-derived vesicle pathway.

Markets We Serve

  • Academic research institutions
    We collaborate with academic research institutions worldwide to support their investigations into mitochondrial dysfunction in aging. Our services provide valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying aging-related mitochondrial dysfunction, helping researchers advance their understanding of the aging process and develop potential therapeutic strategies.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
    Our comprehensive mitochondrial dysfunction analysis enables these companies to identify potential drug targets, evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions, and develop novel treatments for age-related disorders.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a crucial factor in the aging process and age-related diseases. CD BioSciences, equipped with substantial biological analysis experience and knowledge, provides comprehensive analysis services for the study of mitochondrial dysfunction in aging. If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be involved in your research program.


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