Analysis of Telomere Replication
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Analysis of Telomere Replication


Telomeres provide a mechanism for their replication by semiconservative DNA replication and length maintenance by telomerase. Through telomerase repression and induced telomere shortening, telomeres provide the means to regulate cellular life span. Telomeres play a crucial role in cellular aging, and their replication and maintenance are subjects of intense scientific research.

The end-replication problem and DNA end resection.Fig.1 The end-replication problem and DNA end resection. (Mir SM, et al., 2020)

At CD BioSciences, we have over years of experience in the biological industry, providing a wide range of reliable telomere replication analysis services that hold great significance in understanding and addressing the aging process.

Overview of Our Telomere Replication Analysis Services

Analysis of semiconservative replication of telomeric DNA

We explore the mechanisms of semiconservative DNA replication specifically at telomeres. The focus of our services is to help our clients study deconjugating enzymes and telomere-binding proteins during replication, which prevent replication forks from stalling out at telomeres. We also provide insights into the rate and fidelity of telomere replication, which can help our clients discern its impact on cellular aging, age-related diseases, and potential interventions.

Analysis of telomere end resection

We help our clients study the generation of G-rich 3' prominent telomerase substrates, telomeric proteins, and invasion of T-loop structures. Additionally, we provide services for the analysis of nuclease, DNA deconjugating enzymes, and related proteins during the 5' end resection of leading strand telomeres. Our approach enables precise measurement and characterization of telomere end resection dynamics, shedding light on its role in telomere length maintenance and cellular senescence.

Workflow of Telomere Replication Analysis

  • Sample collection and preparation
    We collect appropriate cells or tissue samples for analysis. We also provide proper sample preparation involving cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction to obtain high-quality DNA for further analysis.
  • Assay execution for detection of telomere activity
    According to the client's requirements, we employ techniques like DNA fiber assay and labeling with nucleotide analogs to visualize and measure telomere replication dynamics. We analyze replication fork progression at telomeres using DNA combing or single-molecule imaging techniques. In addition, we investigate 3' overhang formation at telomeric ends using methods like in-gel hybridization, single-strand DNA visualization, or ChIP-seq for 3' end binding proteins.
  • Data analysis and interpretation
    We integrate experimental and computational findings to develop a comprehensive understanding of semi-conserved replication and end resection of telomeres. In our reports, we interpret the results in the context of telomere biology, genome stability, and potential implications for cellular senescence and aging.

Application of Telomere Replication Analysis in Aging Studies

  • Understanding telomere dynamics
    We offer telomere replication analysis services to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of telomeres during the aging process. Our services help customers study the role of telomere dynamics and maintenance in cellular senescence and age-related conditions.
  • Identification of cellular senescence
    We offer telomere replication analysis to aid in identifying cells undergoing replicative senescence, a hallmark of aging. Changes in telomere replication contribute to the characterization of cellular senescence and its impact on aging-related phenotypes.
  • Age-related disease research
    We offer telomere replication to provide insights into age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders. Telomere attrition and altered telomerase activity are associated with increased risk and progression of these diseases, making telomere replication analysis valuable for understanding their pathogenesis.

The importance of telomere replication analysis in aging studies cannot be overstated. CD BioSciences is committed to providing exceptional services that make significant contributions to this crucial field. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


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