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Telomere Length Aging Clocks

Telomere Length Aging Clocks

Telomere length shortens with cell division

Telomere Length

Telomeres are a specialized structure at the end of chromosomes, which are repetitive DNA sequences that shorten with each cell division. Therefore, although many new biological age predictors are emerging, telomere length is a commonly used and well-studied marker of biological aging.

The development of methods to measure telomere length is essential to create robust telomere aging clocks. Current methods commonly used to measure telomere length, including TRF, qPCR, STELA, TESLA, and others, each have advantages and disadvantages. Telomere analysis may clearly show the history of mitosis and a timer for how many future mitotic events there will be, and may also indicate disease risk.

Telomere Length Aging Clocks Technology


We use a simple, fast but scalable telomere length measurement method to achieve high-throughput real-time detection of classical mean telomere length as well as absolute telomere length and distribution, which can be used as a biomarker for aging studies and disease research with our powerful tools.

Telomere Assay Methods

Telomere Assay Methods

PCR-based platform provides a high-throughput, low reagent consumption method for telomere length detection. A standard curve is generated, the assay sample is diluted, individual telomere molecules are isolated, and different telomere lengths are determined in each sample.

  • qPCR-based
  • Individual telomere molecules can be measured
  • Enable absolute length measurement

Measurement Contents

We are able to perform comprehensive telomere analysis.

  • Average telomere length
  • Shortest telomere length
  • Absolute telomere length
  • Telomere distribution
Telomere Length Aging Clocks

Technical Services

CD BioSciences has extensive expertise in the field of aging research. Our technology platform includes a variety of aging clock technologies with multiple complementary approaches that allow clients to access diverse levels of aging exploration.


The specific mechanisms linking telomere length distribution to telomere maintenance and biological aging remain a challenge for us.


Biological aging measurement and therapeutic screening using the telomere based aging clock technology platform is both fast and efficient.


Collaborate with us to better evaluate drug efficacy and explore the development of biologics for age-related diseases.

Let's start opening up the future of aging research with the DNA methylation clock !

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