The study of aging, longevity and age-related diseases is a never-ending topic. For humans, the biological study of aging and related diseases is crucial. As a biotechnology company focused on longevity, in addition to our unique technical services, CD BioSciences offer a broad range of products for aging research to researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Assay Kits

CD BioSciences offers test kits as research tools to study various aspects of telomere changes in order to better understand changes in telomere length and enzyme activity associated with aging, which are used to discover and validate a number of anti-aging targets and drug development directions.

Aging Animal Models

In order to understand the mechanisms of aging and the development of aging-related diseases, animal models are essential for conducting relevant studies. We provide high quality models that are highly similar to humans in terms of genetic background and physiological structure, short-lived and easy to reproduce. We offer some common models of common and emerging aging and related age-related diseases, such as mice. We will deliver animals with known health status to you at the age you need them.


Our antibody products are your right hand for aging research! For aging-related research, we offer superior antibodies to make your research projects more competitive.


CD BioSciences offers a wide range of biochemicals including antioxidants (ABA), HDAC inhibitors (ABH), mTOR inhibitors (ABM), neuronal transdifferentiation regulators (ABN), stem cell fate regulators (ABS), and eugenol ligase (E3) inhibitors (ABU) to help you advance your aging-related research projects.

Proteins/Enzymes (APE)

In order to understand the mechanisms of aging and the development of aging-related diseases, protein-enzymes are essential for relevant research. CD BioSciences a comprehensive range of high-quality protein-enzyme products to help you conduct aging-related research.

Fluorescent Dyes and Probes (AF)

CD BioSciences specializes in providing cutting-edge fluorescent dyes and probes specifically designed for aging research. Our products are expertly crafted with the latest technology and scientific advancements, ensuring the most accurate and reliable results for your research. Our fluorescent dyes and probes are designed to help you unlock the secrets of aging, giving you unprecedented insights into the cellular processes that underpin this complex biological phenomenon.


We are a comprehensive technology platform company integrating aging DNA methylation, telomere, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome research.

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