Diabetes DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery
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Diabetes DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery


The prevalence of diabetes increases with age. While diabetes can be diagnosed through, for example, blood glucose testing, the use of DNA methylation-based biomarkers can help identify disease in the pre-diabetic period, which is critical for subsequent treatment. CD BioSciences can provide DNA methylation biomarker discovery services for diabetes.

Why Choose DNA Methylation Biomarkers

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, progressive disease, and most of these patients have type 2 diabetes. Diabetes has few visible symptoms in the early stages of the disease, so the disease may not be detected for a long time, which can delay its control and treatment. Therefore, the search for some kind of biomarker that can detect diabetes at an early stage offers the possibility of disease intervention and management to prevent further damage to the body system through early treatment.

DNA methylation changes are strongly associated with diabetes and can be our source for biomarker discovery.

DNA methylation characteristics in diabetes
Occurring regions DNA methylation changes occur in various tissues associated with diabetes, such as blood, pancreatic islets, liver, adipose and other tissues.
Associated factors DNA methylation changes can be integrated with genetic or non-genetic factors that work together to predict and diagnose diabetes.
Prediction level Prediction of diabetes is more accurate based on specific DNA methylation changes and other factors.

Our Services

We provide research on DNA methylation changes as a biomarker for diabetes prevention and treatment, primarily through genome-wide DNA methylation studies and candidate gene studies.

  • Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis methods include ELISA, LC-MS, and bisulfite pyrophosphate sequencing, allowing customers to choose the appropriate assay for their DNA methylation quantification.
  • Candidate gene approach provides a more accurate way to quantify the methylation levels of specific CpG loci associated with diabetes. The candidate genes we offer are mainly related to the following.

Candidate genes associated with diabetes — CD BioSciences

We also provide genome-wide association studies to help clients gain insight into the association of DNA methylation with disease risk associated with diabetes.

Problems We Solve

  • We can combine the predictive power of different genetic and non-genetic factors with differential DNA methylation loci.
  • We can probe the role of DNA methylation at relevant gene loci in various biological processes in the development of diabetes.
  • We provide research support for DNA methylation for diabetes monitoring and prevention.


  • Scientific research design and problem solving for biomarker discovery that fits your unique requirements.
  • Deep expertise and insight to drive your exploratory biomarker program, even to commercialization.
  • Innovative, best-in-class technology platform and worldwide laboratory capabilities for DNA methylation testing.

CD BioSciences is uniquely positioned to provide tailored DNA methylation biomarker discovery research services, with a technology platform that is constantly being updated and developed. With an unparalleled technology system, you can rely on the quality of our services and superior performance.

For the latest news on our DNA biomarker discovery services for diabetes, please contact us.


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All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.