Transcriptome Research in Aging


Human aging is an extremely complex biological process that has been explored and studied but still lacks a comprehensive understanding of its mechanisms. The transcriptome is a major determinant of age-related phenotypic diversity, and therefore a systematic analysis of the aging transcriptome can help researchers discover and enrich the mechanisms of molecular changes in aging.

CD BioSciences aims to provide a valuable technical resource for a wide range of aging researchers to capture certain specific changes in the global transcriptome of aging and differential gene expression through a variety of high-throughput transcriptomic technologies.

Introduction to Aging Transcriptome Research

Systematic studies of gene expression changes help us to understand the different age-related interacting processes, which can serve as biomarkers or even predictors of aging. However, this does not represent a comprehensive molecular mechanism of aging, and if aided by studies of the aging transcriptome, it can help to elucidate age-related change pathways and specific responses.

For this purpose, we have to collect mRNA expression data by sequencing technology as well as to fully understand the specific roles of different RNAs, including ncRNAs, miRNAs, circRNAs, tRNAs, and so on, to explore their specific roles in cellular function, gene expression, and so on in aging.

Aging Transcriptome Research Services

Our current service focuses on exploring questions about the molecular mechanisms of aging through RNA sequencing. The sequencing data we provide can help you uncover changes in gene expression and important molecular mechanisms, as well as identify major aging phenotypes at the transcriptional level.

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

Aging Transcriptome Analysis

Transcriptome analysis is an important tool to study aging, which can detect age-related transcriptome changes in different age sample species. We can obtain a functional characterization of relevant genes and transcripts by classifying all transcripts, analyzing the variation of expressed genes, and quantifying the levels of transcripts under different conditions.

Senescent Cells Transcriptome Analysis

Senescent Cells Transcriptome Analysis

Cellular senescence is heterogeneous, including their transcriptome characteristics. We provide transcriptome analysis of senescent cells to help clients establish novel anti-aging interventions or therapeutic regimens by detecting and analyzing the transcriptome characteristics of senescent cells.

Age Prediction Based on Transcriptome

Age Prediction Based on Transcriptome

Biological age prediction is an important tool in aging research and treatment, and the combination of transcriptomic data and bioinformatics techniques can be used to develop diagnostic and therapeutic tools for aging and related diseases. We can provide research services to accurately predict the biological age of organisms based on transcriptome-defined genomes.


As one of the leading companies providing research services in the field of senescence histology, we can fully understand and overcome the research challenges you will face and apply our services practically in your project.

  • Address the molecular basis of aging through high-throughput and deep RNA sequencing.
  • Explore the cell type-specific and tissue-specific changes in aging.
  • Obtain transcriptome data related to aging and construct a transcriptome atlas of aging.
  • Develop diagnostic and predictive tools for aging and related diseases.

We have a professional team with extensive experimental experience and can provide research solutions for complex aging mechanisms using advanced transcriptomics platforms, including complete transcriptome sequencing plans and data analysis solutions.

CD BioSciences is committed to providing comprehensive aging transcriptome research and application services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be involved in your research program.


  1. White R R, et al. Comprehensive transcriptional landscape of aging mouse liver. BMC Genomics, 2015.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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