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Changes in telomeres are associated with a variety of age-related diseases such as aging, cancer, or neurodegeneration. We offer test kits using the classical technique of telomere detection, so that researchers can obtain accurate results for bulk samples in a short time and with simple manipulation.

CD BioSciences offers test kits as research tools to study various aspects of telomere changes in order to better understand changes in telomere length and enzyme activity associated with aging, which are used to discover and validate a number of anti-aging targets and drug development directions.

Our Test Kits

Accurate and consistent quantification of telomere length is important for aging research. We offer quantitative telomere length qPCR test kits designed to help researchers directly measure mean telomere length.

We offer telomerase activity test kit products that help researchers to quickly and easily perform real-time detection and analysis of telomerase activity for a wide range of aging studies.

Test Kit Characteristics

Our kit products use the qPCR method to detect the relative length or enzymatic activity of telomeres for all types of cell samples or cellular DNA samples. Our products have the following characteristics.

  • Robust reagents. All operations are performed in a closed-tube environment, ensuring stable reagents and no cross-contamination.
  • Easy to operate. No tedious steps in the detection process, easy to operate, no need for electrophoresis.
  • Quantitative measurement. The relative telomere length or telomerase activity can be quantified.
  • Reliable results. Telomeres and internal reference are measured in a single tube to avoid inter-well interference.

CD BioSciences focuses on providing products and services for aging-related research, including various test kits, to researchers and biopharmaceutical companies around the world. Based on PCR technology, our telomere test kits have been well received by our customers. We hope to become a professional supplier of aging detection reagents.


We are a comprehensive technology platform company integrating aging DNA methylation, telomere, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome research.

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