Telomere Length Test Kit


Telomeres are DNA fragments found at the ends of chromosomes. According to scientific studies, telomere shortening can lead to aging and age-related diseases. Our Telomere Length Test Kit can measure the average telomere length of your cell samples. This can help you monitor cellular aging.

Telomere Length qPCR Test Kit

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Cat. No.: TK001
Pack Size: 50 Reactions
Methodology: Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

Normal cells lose telomeres at each cell cycle. Telomere length decreases over time and may predict lifespan. Accurate and consistent quantification of telomere length is important in many aspects of the biology of aging. CD BioSciences' Telomere Length Quantitative qPCR Test Kit is designed to directly measure the average telomere length of various cells.

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What is the Purpose of the Telomere Length Test?

Shortened telomeres are associated with a variety of health conditions, such as aging and chronic diseases associated with aging. A number of interventions can extend the telomere length of healthy cells and may contribute to longevity. This telomere length test kit can provide additional information about telomere length status and help in the development of interventions for aging or the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases.

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The kit uses telomere primer sets to identify and amplify telomere sequences and standard genomic DNA samples as a reference for sample telomere length calculations. Our products and services may include,

  • Complete telomere length test kit
  • Testing at our local telomere laboratories
  • Detailed and user-friendly lab reports that provide in-depth explanations of your test results


  • Samples testing and the use of standards should be done in triplicates, and negative controls in single replicates.
  • For database comparison and analysis of samples, please provide the sample type or self-constructed database. We can assess the telomere length of individual samples and perform further analysis.
  • We will give details on how to calculate telomere length.

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