Telomere Length Test for Rice Samples


Although there is much interest in the link between telomeres and animal senescence, little is known about how telomere length evolution affects plants. Plant senescence is fundamentally different from that of animals, and it remains an open question whether telomeres have an effect on plant characteristics.

CD BioSciences can provide telomere length test services for common rice samples, which could help to analyze the effect of telomere length on rice cells.

Telomere Length in Plants

It is unclear whether the telomere aging and evolutionary models are also applicable to plants. In fact, no specific hypothesis has been proposed to explain the natural variation in telomere length in plants. Compared with animals, plants are easy to construct genetic populations and have shorter telomere lengths suitable for PCR.

Rice, as a model organism, is easy to construct genetic populations and whole-genome sequencing has been completed, making it easy to obtain genomic information for analysis.

Our Services

We are a leading aging research laboratory with a technology platform specializing in telomere length testing. In recent years, we have been providing dedicated telomere length measurement projects for various research users worldwide. For plant telomere research, we also provide high-quality experimental services for model organisms such as rice.

  • Materials we provide
    We have basic information resources on the genetic background and telomere length of different rice varieties. We also provide basic experimental materials and instruments to support the experiments, such as DNA extraction reagents, buffers, PCR instruments, etc.
  • Solutions we provide
    After we receive your rice samples, we will perform steps such as rice genome extraction, primer design and preparation, PCR amplification of telomeres, and telomere length determination. We will provide specific solutions and protocol protocols for these procedures.
  • Results we provide
    Based on our technology platform, we provide accurate rice telomere length data. We can analyze the relationship between chromosome information and telomere length according to specific customer requirements.

Service Process

Service process of telomere length test. - CD BioSciencesFig. 1 Service process of telomere length test.

  • Draw up a preliminary experimental program for rice telomere measurement, including specific experimental design, program, and other content.
  • Assess the feasibility of the experiment and work with the customer to determine the exact experimental project implementation plan and give an accurate experimental price.
  • Make preliminary preparations for the experiment.
  • Formally start the experimental process and fully launch the experiment.
  • Communicate timely feedback on the latest progress of the experiment.
  • Deliver the experimental results, apply the experimental results correctly, and provide after-sales service.

Service Highlights

  • Reliable results
  • Data standardization
  • Efficient service
  • Complete support
  • Fine management

CD BioSciences' telomere assay experimental services are especially needed for researchers with heavy scientific tasks, which saves scientists a lot of valuable time and energy. We optimize experimental protocols and save money to the greatest extent possible.

You can contact us at any time and raise your needs or concerns through our contact form.


  1. Ye C Y, et al. Determination of telomere length and its genetic characteristics in rice. Journal of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Natural Science Edition), 2016, 35, 03: 463-468.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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