Telomere Length Test for Mice Samples


Laboratory mice are the most commonly used animal models for human aging and disease. The discovery of the mouse as a model of human biology has led to countless discoveries about mammalian genetics, cancer, immunology, reproductive biology, neuroscience, and more. Similarly, mouse telomere studies can contribute to the understanding of aging and age-related disease studies in mice.

CD BioSciences can provide customers with telomere length testing services for various mouse samples, based on a more economical and reliable Telomere Aging Clock Platform.

Our Services

Telomere length decreases over time and may predict lifespan. Telomere shortening is associated with many health problems, including aging and cancer. Based on our Telomere Aging Clock technology platform, we perform accurate, simple. and fast telomere length quantification on mouse samples.

We provide telomere length measurement services for a variety of mice samples, including but not limited to:

We provide accurate and consistent quantification of telomere length as a service that can advance your research in cell biology, such as chromosome instability, DNA repair, aging, apoptosis, cellular dysfunction and tumorigenesis.

What We Can Offer

We are able to provide telomere testing services for mice in your studies of aging, cancer development and progression, and drug testing.

  • Mouse samples. Blood or other samples of mice are provided from your research experiments. We can accept samples from various mouse models and blood samples are taken from mice of your specified age and sex.
  • DNA extraction. We can extract genomic DNA from mouse blood or other tissues of this mouse and test the purity and integrity of the DNA samples.
  • Telomere length measurement. We can measure the mean relative telomere length using qPCR and modify it optimally for use in different mouse models of our clients. Calculate sample telomere length relative to the reference sample standard curve.
  • Statistical analysis. Various statistical analysis software and methods are available to examine the correlation between calculated telomere length and age or related diseases.

Sample Requirements

Sample type Tissue, cells, DNA
Sample volume At least 1 mL of saliva, >5×106 cells,>200 μL blood
Other sample usage or specific requirements can be found on specific pages.
Note Avoid freezing/thawing any samples as it shortens the telomere length after sample collection. Samples should be stored at -80°C for backup.


  • Accurate - highly specific and near 100% qPCR.
  • Sensitivity - down to 0.1ng DNA is necessary.
  • Unique - specially modified primers.
  • Fast – results are available within 1 hour.
  • Robust - suitable for high-throughput settings.

How We Work

  • Information submission - In order to develop the right services for you, you must submit your contact information and project information before ordering our services.
  • Make an order - After we understand the information you have provided, a technician will place your order.
  • Sample shipment and results submission - You will need to follow the instructions provided to collect the mouse samples and send them to us. Once the assay is complete, your results will be emailed to you.

If you have related service needs and want to know the specific inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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