Telomere Length Test for Human Samples


Telomeres shorten with each cell division, ultimately triggering cellular senescence. Telomere length in blood cells has been extensively studied as a biomarker of human aging and as a risk factor for age-related diseases. Telomere length is not well characterized in many human tissue types. Its association with related diseases is also unclear.

CD BioSciences can provide customers with telomere length testing services for various human samples, based on a more economical and reliable Telomere Aging Clock Platform.

Our Services

Telomeres play a role in cellular senescence and may contribute to the genetic background of human aging and longevity. We have measured telomere length in a variety of human tissues. Based on our aging clock platform, there are several ways to provide telomere length information. We need to consider the materials that are available or can be provided by you and the desired precision of measurement.

We provide telomere length measurement services for a variety of human samples, including but not limited to:

What We Can Offer

The primary goal of our service is to provide a simple and versatile technique for measuring individual telomere lengths and their distributions in cell populations for your samples. This can provide greater accuracy and more detailed biological insight into telomere length measurement applications.

  • Cell separation. You can fill in the form with the sample name and other details. We offer personalized isolation services for your tissue sample type or cell type in order to obtain accurate measurement results.
  • DNA extraction. DNA extraction for any sample, including saliva, oral swabs, cells, blood, etc. You submit the name of the sample or other details to us. We generally use kits for DNA extraction.
  • Telomere length measurement. Different methods are available for measuring telomere length. Commonly used qPCR-based methods, the choice of single copy genes, primer sequences, reagents and data analysis methods are varied according to the requirements. We provide a detailed step-by-step protocol with optimized tests. The protocol will help researchers to determine telomere length and explore the association with aging and disease.

Sample Requirements

Sample type Tissue, cells, DNA
Sample volume At least 1 mL of saliva, >5×106 cells,>200 μL blood Other sample usage or specific requirements can be found on specific pages.
Note Avoid freezing/thawing any samples as it shortens the telomere length after sample collection. Samples should be stored at -80°C for backup.


  • Sensitive and accurate performance designed to reduce measurement errors.
  • Results are expressed as mean telomere length, which is the actual nucleotide sequence length and can be more easily applied to other biomarkers.

CD BioSciences provides telomere length tests for scientific research. If you have related service needs and want to know the specific inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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