Telomere Length Test for Drosophila Samples


The Drosophila telomere length test measures the length of the telomeres at the end of the chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster. This test is used to determine the age of an organism and its susceptibility to age-related diseases.

CD BioSciences can provide telomere length testing services for Drosophila samples. These tests can be used to study the effects of aging on the organism as well as the effects of various factors on the telomeres.

Telomere Length in Drosophila

In Drosophila, telomeres are composed of TTAGG repeats, and they can range from around 300 bp to over 7,000 bp in length. The telomere length of a particular organism can vary due to genetic and environmental factors.

However, it is noteworthy that Drosophila telomeres contain DNA sequences that are distinct from those of other eukaryotes. Drosophila telomeres use an array of reverse transcription transposons to maintain chromosome length, whereas almost all other eukaryotes rely on short repetitive sequences generated by telomerase. Although the underlying mechanisms may differ, Drosophila telomere function is similar to that found in telomerase-based telomeres.

Our Services

Telomere length is an important indicator of the cellular status of Drosophila. There are various methods to measure telomere length, but we offer a simple, low-cost method that provides a good visual representation of telomere length, providing you with an efficient telomere assay.

Experimental items Specific solutions Delivered materials
Genomic DNA extraction We offer a wide range of DNA extraction techniques or kits, as well as DNA purity tests. Electrophoresis of genomic DNA
PCR assay Primer design, telomere amplification, telomere detection Primer sequences, PCR protocols, raw data
Data analysis Telomere length calculation, data plotting, statistical analysis Results analysis report with graphs and charts

Sample Requirements

items requirement
Sample material We can test a variety of Drosophila tissue samples such as the back, eyes, abdomen, legs, head, and wings.
Cell samples The collection of cells for telomere assay should be done in a sterile environment to prevent contamination.
DNA samples >100 μg of genomic DNA, and should be stored at -20°C or below. It is recommended that DNA samples be examined by gel electrophoresis prior to sending.

Technical Advantages

  • Precise and efficient. Precise and efficient. Based on our telomere aging clock technology platform, the improved and innovative telomere length measurement method for Drosophila samples is more efficient, stable, and accurate.
  • Higher consistency. We provide standards for the analysis to help save costs and achieve high comparability of results.
  • Personalized analysis. We offer analysis services for comparison with the Drosophila telomere length database, so you can get a personalized report with reference.


  • Service Process. Develop test protocols, submit Drosophila samples, execute experimental protocols, and deliver experimental results.
  • Result delivery. Submit an experimental report including experimental materials, reagents, apparatus, experimental procedure methods, results. and analysis. The final data contains raw data, images, and an electronic version of the text.
  • Service cycle. 2-3 weeks, depending on the number of samples.

CD BioSciences' telomere assay experimental services are especially needed for researchers with heavy scientific tasks, which saves scientists a lot of valuable time and energy. We optimize experimental protocols and save money to the greatest extent possible.

You can contact us at any time and raise your needs or concerns through our contact form.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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