Telomere Length Distribution Measurement


Telomere length distribution can be used as a marker for aging or certain disease studies, based on its characteristics it may be possible to detect the telomere machinery. As an industry-leading provider of biological research services, with a unique technology platform and top-notch expertise, CD BioSciences can provide telomere length distribution measurement services which can help explore the telomere changes.

Introduction to Telomere Length Distribution

As age increases, the distribution of short/medium/long telomeres in human cells may also change. Of these, shorter telomeres may be a cause of age-related disease, and longer telomeres are a marker of the adult stem cell compartment. Understanding telomere length distribution characteristics may help to obtain potential information that average telomere length results cannot provide. Therefore, we provide a rapid, high-throughput method for measuring telomere length distribution that can be extensively and dynamically measured in a short period of time from a small number of DNA samples.

Telomeres shorten with cell divisionFig.1 Telomeres shorten with cell division (Lai T P, et al. 2018)

Our Services

Our telomere assay solution is ideal for you due to the advanced technology, accuracy and cost effectiveness. We provide high throughput rapid measurement of the absolute length and percentage of different telomeric molecules, with our measurement tools allowing the study of telomere length distribution in ageing and disease.

Our qPCR-based method first measures overall telomere length, which validates the reliability and consistency of methods, detects each telomere lengths over a wide dynamic range, and calculates the percentage to obtain the telomere length distribution characteristics of the sample.

Our measurement services are suitable for a wide variety of applications, and the specific procedure is shown in the figure below.

Technical route for telomere length distribution measurement — CD BioSciences

Submitted Reports

The goal of our service is to solve the problem of probing telomere length distribution using measurement techniques, which can present you with the following results through methods that have the flexibility to meet the goals of each researcher's project.

  • Mean telomere length report. We begin by examining the mean telomere length of the sample to explore overall characteristics.
  • Telomere length distribution report. We analytically determine each telomere lengths to calculate the short/medium/long telomere percentages to characterize and construct telomere length distribution maps.
  • Association analysis report. We analyze telomere length distribution characteristics that could yield associations with telomere length dynamics, and further studies may reveal relationships with ageing-related diseases and longevity.

Service Process

How we serve our clients — CD BioSciences

Our overall service process includes the mailing of samples, the development of a research protocol, the analysis by a team of professionals, the implementation of specific protocols, the submission of data reports to the final discussion.

CD BioSciences has many years of experience in providing solutions for telomere length studies and can help you to address possible obstacles and challenges. The measurement of telomere length distribution is of great value in the study of ageing-related diseases, we invite you to partner with us to achieve your research goals.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and highly customized integrated solutions for telomere length analysis for aging longevity related studies to advance our clients' projects worldwide. Please contact us and we will provide the expertise, service and support to help you accelerate your research process.


  1. Lai T P, et al. Comparison of telomere length measurement methods. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 2018, 373(1741):20160451.
  2. Toupance S, et al. The individual's signature of telomere length distribution. Scientific Reports, 2018, 9(1).

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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