Shortest Telomere Measurement


The shortest telomere is an important influencing factor for human ageing and many related diseases, and the shortest telomeres can lead to a DNA damage response and trigger a range of ageing phenotypes. Therefore, information on the measurement of the shortest telomeres can assist in the study of human longevity and disease. CD BioSciences can provide the shortest telomere measurement service to better understand information on telomere related ageing and disease.

Introduction to the Shortest Telomere Test

Introduction to the Shortest Telomere Test

The shortest telomeres are associated with genetic alterations that may contribute to cellular senescence, and their percentage can be used as a predictor of lifespan or as a biomarker for related diseases. A number of internal and external factors such as environment, stress, and disease may cause rapid telomere shortening.

Many methods have been developed to measure telomere length, such as TRF, qPCR, Q-FISH, etc., but they are not able to quantify the minimum telomere length. CD BioSciences provides a method for determining the minimum telomere length using a unique telomere age clock technique, which allows for a more efficient and accurate detection of the shortest telomeres.

Our Services

We provide the shortest telomere assays, combined with software to image the results directly, providing our customers with efficient, concise and accurate measurements. We are able to detect telomeres in the <1 ~18 kb range for applications in the ageing process, disease progression and telomere related processes, including human and animal samples.

  • Measurement of the shortest telomeres. Our specific assay will link the sample genome and telomere region, design primers to ligate the DNA, perform PCR amplification, isolate the product and perform gel electrophoresis, and detect the amplified telomeres by blotting analysis.
  • Software analysis. We provide software that automatically detects sample images and performs statistical analysis to calculate the mean telomere length, the shortest telomere length as well as its percentage and other relevant data.

We provide all data relating to the results of the study, which are available for publication in the article.

Technical Route

Our technical solutions provide resolution in the detection of the shortest telomeres, with low sample requirements and no restrictions on sample format. CD BioSciences' services will help you to study changes in the shortest telomeres during ageing-related processes, providing information on telomere dynamics.

The technical route to the shortest telomere test—CD BioSciences


  • It can be applied to detect the dynamic process of telomere change during normal human ageing.
  • It can be applied to the study of the progression of telomere related diseases such as cancer, exploring the relationship between disease progression and telomere dynamics.
  • It can be applied to the measurement of telomere length in tissue/cell samples from animals.

CD BioSciences specializes in research in the field of ageing and longevity, based on research and technology development of telomere age clocks, mainly for the healthcare, biotechnology industry. If you have any relevant ideas, please feel free to contact us and let us help you explore telomere changes for relevant studies.


  1. Lai T P, et al. A method for measuring the distribution of the shortest telomeres in cells and tissues. Nature Communications, 2017, 8(1):1356.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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