Short Telomere Abundance Measurement


Measuring telomere abundance is an important tool for understanding the role of telomere length in the health and aging of cells. Various studies have shown an association between short telomeres and age-related diseases as well as life expectancy and mortality. Therefore, the abundance of very short telomeres could be a useful biomarker for aging and age-related diseases.

With aging, cells with shorter telomeres accumulate.Fig. 1 With aging, cells with shorter telomeres accumulate. (Vera E and Blasco M A, 2012)

CD BioSciences can provide short telomere abundance measurements to help researchers use short telomere abundance as a better indicator of telomere dysfunction as well as cellular and tissue dysfunction.

Our Services

We are able to provide resolution of all telomeres, including the shortest ones, and require a very small number of starting DNA samples, without being limited by specific cell types or tissue samples.

  • Telomere length measurement. We can design primers to amplify telomeres and detect them. In telomere measurement, we are able to provide information on the shortest TL<3 kb, which is more sensitive than other telomere length quantification methods.
  • Image quantification and analysis. For the final assay, we offer a user-friendly software service that can detect sample images, calculate the mean telomere length, the percentage of short telomeres, and obtain other relevant statistics.
  • In addition to studying telomeres in human samples, we can also be used to assess the abundance of short telomere in other animals. In different animal models of aging, providing a powerful tool to study the relationship between short telomere changes and age-related diseases.

Sample Types

We provide measurement solutions for short telomeres abundance with different samples, with specific sample requirements in the table below.

Items Requirement
Sample source DNA can be obtained from a variety of samples containing nucleic acids, such as blood, saliva, urine, plasma, serum, solid tissue, etc.
DNA purification method You can use a variety of commercial kits for DNA purification including phenol/chloroform extraction, cesium chloride gradients, and other techniques.
Note Our assays require very small amounts of DNA samples and are not restricted to any cell or tissue type.

What We Can Offer

  • Determine the abundance of short telomeres in samples from customers. Short telomere abundance is measured by comparing short telomere abundance to total telomere abundance from the sample. In a further step, short telomere abundance is determined as a measure of relative abundance using our technology platform.
  • Correlate short telomere abundance with disease or disorders. On the other hand, we are able to determine the measured value of short telomere abundance of cells in each of a plurality of samples collected over a period of time. The measured differences are correlated with health indicators, pathological conditions, progression of the disease in question, and drug response.

Our Advantages

  • Ability to determine telomere length at the individual level for cell and tissue samples
  • Ability to provide personalized information on telomeres or very short telomeres
  • More quantitative and repeatable measurement solutions

CD BioSciences is committed to expanding your understanding and application of telomere length with our telomere aging clock technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further needs you may have.


  1. Vera E and Blasco M A. Beyond average: potential for measurement of short telomeres. Aging (Albany NY), 2012, 4(6): 379-392.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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