Senescent Cell Removal Therapy to Reverse Aging


Senescent cells may secrete harmful substances that poison the surrounding tissues, so developing therapies to kill senescent cells is a promising means of fighting aging. CD BioSciences is committed to providing aging reversal research services to assist researchers in developing senescent cell removal therapies that attempt to stop, slow or even reverse aging.

Targeting Senescent Cells

Senescent cells in the skin cause sagging, senescent cells in some organ tissues impair the metabolic function of the body, and so on. Thus, aging cell is one of the causes of progressive aging and age-related diseases in our body. Although senescent cells are not always harmful to us, as they inhibit cancerous cell proliferation, they are also responsible for various diseases.

Since killing senescent cells is very difficult due to their high heterogeneity in both their molecular biology and physiological functions, efforts have been made to develop drugs that selectively kill senescent cells without harming normal cells. Many markers are available to identify senescent cells, such as mitochondrial, lysosomal status and nuclear changes, etc., driven by transcriptomic, proteomic and bioinformatics approaches that may help us better understand the senescent cell landscape and provide new insights into therapeutic targets.

Senescent cell characteristics that can be targeted by aging therapies Fig 1. Senescent cell characteristics that can be targeted by aging therapies (Gasek, N S, et al., 2021)

Our Development Strategies for Senescent Cell Removal Therapy

We provide targeted drug development strategies to selectively remove harmful senescent cells in a beneficial environment.

  • Immune-mediated clearance strategy

Potential immunotherapeutic strategies include activating senescent cell surface ligands so that they can be recognized by immune cells for targeted elimination. Some of the current potential targets include CD26/Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 (DPP4), NKG2D surface ligands, etc. We can identify antigens that can stimulate immune responses by exposing senescent cells to immune cells.

  • Autophagy-mediated clearance strategy

Design the drug by using the biochemical properties of senescent cells to selectively disrupt function and trigger the intrinsic apoptotic mechanisms of cells, such as metformin, mTORC1 inhibitors, etc., to induce autophagy.

  • Disruption strategy of senescent cell secretome

The function of senescent cells to produce beneficial and deleterious effects is inhibited by disrupting the secretome of senescent cells, such as inhibiting cellular secretion, neutralizing secretory factors, and targeting the specific receptors of secretory factors, among other strategies.

What We Can Do

  • More experiments with animal models of aging, more studies and validation of reversal of aging in more species.
  • Develop drugs that eliminate senescent cells to slow down aging and its chronic diseases.
  • Provide technical guidance and extensive evaluation for researchers wishing to target a wide range of issues such as aging.

We have been exploring emerging therapies to reverse aging and working with researchers and biopharmaceutical companies to meet their research or industry testing needs. We select strategies with developmental potential to provide solutions for the removal of senescent cells and provide our clients with specialized information and relevant technology to share for access and testing.

Please with CD BioSciences in exploring compounds that reverse aging, allowing us to help more pharmaceutical companies to complete preliminary studies through larger scale trials and technical support to find results in removing senescent cells. Contact us today to start your project!


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Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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