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Humans are passionate about research into interventions and quick fixes that promise to slow down the aging process so that we can live long and healthy lives. However, as technology advances and society evolve, we will find that we can do more than slow down aging, and possibly even reverse it.

As a research expert in the field of aging, CD BioSciences focuses on basic research and innovative development in aging, we are able to provide research services on reversing aging, including the development, evaluation and validation of various reversal therapies such as drugs, cellular, genetic or others.

Our Services

To address the accumulation of senescent cells and their promotion of age-related diseases, researchers are currently actively investigating various therapeutic strategies, including targeted drug therapy, senescent cell reprogramming and other therapies. We conduct research on aging reversal therapies by comprehensively analyzing the complex role of aging and provide researchers with the following service components.

Senescent Cell Removal Therapy to Reverse Aging

Senescent Cell Removal Therapy to Reverse Aging

As we age, the number of senescent cells in our bodies increases, and these in turn drive aging. Although they inhibit cancerous cell proliferation, they are also responsible for various diseases. These cells may secrete harmful substances that poison the surrounding tissues, so developing therapies to kill senescent cells is a promising means of fighting aging.

Cell Reprogramming Therapy to Reverse Aging

Cell Reprogramming Therapy to Reverse Aging

Many scientists have now discovered that cellular regenerative therapies for reversing aging, which we can safely and effectively reverse the aging process by resetting older cells to a more youthful cellular state. This cellular approach can restore tissue and body health in different diseases by improving cellular function.

Plasma Therapy to Reverse Aging

Plasma Therapy to Reverse Aging

In an earlier study, researchers found that sharing blood with young and old rats could reverse aging in older rats. One novel therapy is the use of young molecules in the blood to reverse aging throughout the body, and many of the results suggest that plasma contains many biologically active molecules such as proteins that affect aging.

Our Core Advantages

  • The advantages of integrated multi-omics analysis facilitate detailed understanding of aging and related diseases and the development of therapeutic strategies.
  • Integrated network analysis at the multi-molecular level to identify novel molecular targets for reversing aging.
  • Both in vitro and in vivo examinations in animal models are performed to determine in detail the various effects of therapies on target tissues.
  • Possess DNA methylation, telomere length, and multi-omics age clock technologies to comprehensively assess detailed changes in an individual's aging status.

What We Can Achieve

  • We may find drugs that can extend life - explore how more drugs can help the body's health and delay aging in animal models to better understand human aging.
  • We may achieve cellular reprogramming to restore function - By turning on a few genes and reprogramming the body's cells to resemble stem cells or young cells, this reprogramming can restore many young cell functions to achieve reversal of aging.

CD BioSciences' belief is to help researchers do better. Our team of professionals and technology platform are dedicated to slowing and even reversing aging through a variety of approaches, these include pharmacological inhibition of aging, removal of senescent cells and reprogramming of cells. With our support, countless discoveries are made to researchers that may enable us to develop better therapies to extend healthy lifespan or reverse aging.

We support aging research by researchers worldwide, advancing the transfer of innovative discoveries from the laboratory to living applications. Please contact us to discuss the future of longevity research and technology, including basic scientific knowledge and specific actionable protocols.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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We are a comprehensive technology platform company integrating aging DNA methylation, telomere, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome research.

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