Omics Research in Aging


Omics technologies provide valuable tools to study aging at the molecular level. CD BioSciences can provide genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic approaches that allow the integration of different types of aging data and drive further development of research in this field.


The rapid development of omics technologies has led to the application of several systematic approaches to aging research. Some current and possible future applications of omics methods in the field of aging research are described below, which can expand the overall understanding of the aging process in addition to helping to identify biomarkers of aging.

  • Genomics. High-throughput sequencing technology can identify aging candidate genes, discover age-related epigenomic modifications such as DNA methylation, and reveal aging mechanisms.
  • Transcriptomics. Sequencing approaches can identify transcriptomic changes and identify age-associated differentially expressed genes.
  • Proteomics. The large number of proteins has research potential to explore age-related diseases.
  • Metabolomics. Metabolites are directly and closely related to age-related phenotypes and can be measured by targeted and untargeted methods.

Our Services

We have a unique telomere length measurement technology and research system to explore aging and age-related diseases for telomere length analysis, providing services including basic measurement, comprehensive dynamic analysis, assessment of factors affecting telomeres, in vitro screening of compounds that modulate telomere length and more. 

Transcriptome Research in Aging

Transcriptome Research in Aging

The transcriptome is a major determinant of age-related phenotypic diversity, and therefore a systematic analysis of the aging transcriptome can help researchers discover and enrich the mechanisms of molecular changes in aging. We can capture certain specific changes in the global transcriptome of aging and differential gene expression for researchers.

Proteome Research in Aging

Proteome Research in Aging

Proteomics research has potential in aging exploration. Proteins may be the most promising biomarker candidates in aging, as thousands of proteins may be measured in a small sample, and they are directly related to function. Age proteomes are highly tissue specific, and they can be used as tools for exploratory analysis and problem solving in aging research.

Metabolic Research in Aging

Metabolic Research in Aging

The metabolome differs from other omics studies in that the metabolites measured are the end products of gene and protein regulation, and they can directly characterize the physiological pathways and states of the aging process. Metabolomics has the potential to provide innovative insights into the biological processes and molecular mechanisms involved in aging.

Integrative Aging Research

Integrative Aging Research

Most studies have considered the predictive performance of several of these individual biological clocks separately, but comprehensive analyses of multiple aging markers are more lacking. We provide multi-omics analysis of aging, integrating new methods to improve the measurement of biological aging and reveal aging mechanisms and their effects at several molecular levels.

Our Advantages

  • A comprehensive understanding of the complex phenotype of aging. We can integrate data from different omics approaches to gain an understanding of the entire aging system.
  • Many association studies within and between different omics data. Correlation studies allow observation of correlations between various levels of biological organization in aging and facilitate systematic analysis of aging studies.

Multiple omics approaches are important research tools in aging research, and the integration of these findings may ultimately help us explore new research directions. We offer a variety of omics research services for aging research to help our clients with technical challenges and advance their research.

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Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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