Natural Compounds Analysis on Telomere Length


Some natural compounds are known to have this positive effect on telomeres. To be able to apply them efficiently and safely in therapeutic studies, it is valuable to analyze their toxicological/physiological profiles and to assess their telomeric mechanisms of action. CD BioSciences provides in vitro study services for the study of natural compounds modulating telomere length in order to develop the aging prevention and therapeutic potential of the compounds.

How to Maintain Telomere Length?

Telomeres are an essential part of the human cell, protecting vital information in our DNA. As cells divide telomeres become progressively shorter and less functional, causing our cells to age. This is why people are constantly searching for ways to maintain telomere length to maintain youthful and healthy function.

Telomerase in cells has the ability to add new DNA to the telomere ends, so activating telomerase may help maintain telomere length and thus may improve aging. A number of studies have also confirmed that some natural compounds have the potential to activate telomerase to maintain telomere length and may have synergistic effects.

Our In Vitro Studies

We provide in vitro studies of telomere length applicable to the effects of various types of natural compounds or their mixtures on telomeres. Our services include compound toxicity assay, cell model customization, sample collection assay, telomere length measurement, and statistical analysis of results.

  • Cell culture and natural compound evaluation. We select the optimal cell model system, perform cell culture media and component preparation, cell culture, natural compound toxicity assay, and cell exposure culture.
  • Telomere length analysis. We can measure telomerase activity and telomere length and analyze the relative change in telomere length of experimental samples versus control samples, with at least two or three replicates per sample and statistically significant data

Technical Routes for In Vitro Studies

Technical route for natural compounds analysis on telomere length in vitro studies—CD BioSciences

Explanatory notes:

  • The toxicity assay is designed to find concentrations of natural compounds that have no toxic effects.
  • Telomerase activation assays can assist in illustrating specific changes in telomeres in response to natural compounds.
  • All experimental samples are repeated for assay and inter-group variability by ANOVA and test.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for studying the effect of any natural compounds or their mixtures on telomeres.
  • Reliable results in a short cycle time only.
  • Telomere detection in any cell model can be easily performed.
  • Natural active ingredient screening for anti-aging drugs.
  • Provides proof of effectiveness for natural compound therapy.

Natural compounds provide a viable strategy for maintaining telomere length. CD BioSciences has been providing services for telomere length analysis, and through in vitro studies we are able to provide our clients with an integrated, high-quality study of the effects of natural compounds on telomeres, meeting each client's expectations within a certain time frame.

With our advanced technology platform and experienced research team, we are confident that we can complete your telomere study and provide accurate and timely results. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.


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Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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