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DNA methylation refers to the process of adding a methyl group to the C5 position of a cytosine base in DNA under the action of DNA methyltransferase, thereby producing 5-methylcytosine (5mC). And studies have found that during the aging process and the development of related diseases, the overall DNA methylation level in the genome changes. Therefore, accurate measurement of total 5mC levels can help researchers better understand the role of DNA methylation in aging and related diseases.

With an advanced technology platform and extensive expertise, CD BioSciences provides customers with global DNA 5mC measurement services to better understand the role of DNA methylation in aging.


DNA methylation plays an important role in the aging process and is also implicated in many age-related diseases. Abnormal methylation levels may lead to many diseases, so 5mC as an indicator of methylation level also has potential as a biomarker for certain diseases. Therefore, researchers began to use different analytical methods to analyze DNA 5mC content. For quantification of 5mC, the molar amount of the compound is determined primarily using an absolute calibration model to isotopically labeled cytosine 13C15N2, or ratios based on the sum of the molecules of cytosine.

Our Services

We provide an easy-to-use high-throughput assay to quantify global levels of DNA methylation 5mC. Changes in global DNA methylation have been observed in cells/tissues of different growth and development states provided by customers, including research analysis of age-related diseases such as cancer.

We offer methods commonly used to measure global DNA methylation levels, including LC-MS/MS methods, ELISA assays, spectroscopy, and more. These rich methods make measurement optional, easier and more cost-effective for customers. Our specific measurement service process is as follows.

Technical route — CD BioSciences

Submitted Samples

Our tests are available on DNA, cell and tissue samples. Please follow the sample requirements below to prepare the correct sample to give the best chance of a successful assay.

types Minimum concentration Minimum amount requirements
DNA samples >20 ng/µl 250 ng DNA should be non-degradable and shipped at 4 ˚C
Cell samples >50 ng/µl 0.2-1 M Use enough dry ice for shipping
Tissue samples >50 ng/µl 5 mg Use enough dry ice for shipping

Why Choose Us

  • One-stop service —— includes all services from sample preparation to data analysis, and provides high-quality technical support to assist data analysis after submitting the report, at no additional cost.
  • Innovative technology platform —— we have advanced methylation analysis technology and equipment, which guarantees detection sensitivity and accurate readings at the global DNA 5-mC level.
  • Fast delivery time —— The detection steps are simplified, the measurement time is greatly reduced, and the report is submitted for you in the fastest cycle according to the number of your samples.

If you want to know more about our global DNA 5mC measurement services, or are interested in related research projects, CD BioSciences will do our best to help you, you can contact us by phone or email, our technicians will provide you with consulting services.


  1. Chowdhury B, et al. Technical advances in global DNA methylation analysis in human cancers. Journal of Biological Engineering, 2017, 11(1):10.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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