Environmental Factors Analysis on Telomere Length


Telomeres are located at the end of a type of chromosome, which protects the integrity of the genome. Telomere length can be a dynamic biomarker that is strongly associated with aging longevity and the progression of many diseases. There have been many studies on telomere length and various factors besides age-related changes, but there are still gaps that should be filled to fully understand the mechanisms of telomere regulation.

CD BioSciences provides animal experimental services for the study of environmental influences on telomere length and promotes the application of telomere length in the diagnosis or treatment of aging and age-related diseases.

Environment Affects Telomere Length and Lifespan

Telomere shortening drives a variety of aging phenotypes, and individuals with shorter telomeres are more susceptible to disease and death. Many previous studies have focused on the association between telomere length and aging longevity, and only a few have evaluated the relationship between telomere length and environmental factors, as shown in the table below. The findings tell us that certain environmental factors may be associated with telomere shortening and the development of aging.

Research Content Research Results References
Assessing the association between telomere length and the availability of green space in residential settings Relatively long telomeres in populations in more green areas Woo, et al. 2009
Assessing the association between salivary telomeres and residential community disruption in children Short telomeres in children in a chaotic environment Theall, et al. 2013

Our Services

We chose the animal model for aging studies, combining environmental resources, breeding advantages and laboratory studies to explore the correlation between telomere length and growth environment of the samples.

Technical route for environmental factors analysis on telomere length—CD BioSciences

  • Animal samples and environmental model construction. We collect animal samples, construct experimental models, record environmental data, breed animal samples, and perform strict parameter control throughout the experiment.
  • Telomere measurement and lifespan monitoring. Experimental subjects are bred under standard conditions, and dead individuals are recorded and removed daily. Telomere length of individual samples are measured and recorded after the animal samples matured.
  • Statistical analysis of data. Telomere length distribution parameters are extracted and analyzed, and mean telomere length and environmental parameters are selected for further analysis to predict the effect of environmental factors on telomere length and individual variability through the model.

Research Strengths

  • Abundant materials. Classical animal models for senescence studies, animal growth environments and control systems are available.
  • Robust measurement methods. We test the statistical distribution of telomere length in individual samples to understand the variability of telomere length.
  • Accurate statistical analysis. Statistical models are constructed using informative methods to further analyze the correlation of selection parameters.

CD BioSciences is committed to applying all of our research experience and technical means to your telomere research services. You will work with our team of professionals who fully understand and overcome the challenges you face. If you are preparing for telomere research and need technical support, please feel free to contact us to learn more about what we can do for your program.


  1. Reichard, M, et al. Environment and sex control lifespan and telomere length in wild-derived African killifish. 2020.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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