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As one of the few professional aging research service providers in the world, CD BioSciences has been providing researchers with high-throughput, high-precision and affordable DNA methylation analysis services in aging studies.


Aging is a biological process that occurs in each of us as individuals and is accompanied by a variety of changes. At the molecular level, DNA methylation occurs, a process in which a methyl group is covalently bonded at the cytosine 5 carbon position of a genomic CpG dinucleotide, and the association between DNA methylation and aging has been extensively studied and their close correlation has been found.

DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification that plays a key role in many aging-related biological processes. Based on this, we can use DNA methylation analysis for related studies, such as age prediction, disease risk prediction, and aging mechanism exploration.

Our Services

We have a unique DNA methylation technology and research system, can explore aging and age-related disease research for DNA methylation analysis, providing services including age prediction, disease biomarker discovery, evaluation of longevity interventions, etc.

DNA Methylation Dynamics Analysis

DNA Methylation Dynamics Analysis
DNA methylation pattern changes with age and has an important impact on human longevity and related disease development. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study DNA methylation dynamics in aging process.

Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation

Age Prediction Based on DNA Methylation
At present, DNA methylation may be the most potential age predictor, measuring the age of DNA methylation can be used in individual age and health detection, disease prediction, and longevity research.

DNA Methylation Age Acceleration Research

DNA Methylation Age Acceleration Research
When an individual's DNA methylation age is greater than the actual age, this means that the individual is in an age acceleration state, and which may be associated with many aging manifestations, disease development, and even death.

Age-Related Diseases DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery

Age-Related Diseases DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery
DNA methylation changes are involved in various processes of age-related disease development, affecting the function of key genes, and perhaps by using its changes as biomarkers we can identify or monitor pathological processes.

Longevity Interventions Evaluation Using DNA Methylation

Longevity Interventions Evaluation Using DNA Methylation
A number of interventions may be able to prevent age-related diseases and extend lifespan, including dietary, pharmacological and genetic, and the effects of interventions to delay aging and increase longevity can be assessed based on age-related DNA methylation changes.

Our Strengths

  • Robust DNA methylation analysis with low input. Efficient genome-wide analysis detects virtually all CpG islands and gene promoters, sensitively identifies powerful biomarkers, and obtains comprehensive DNA information.
  • Methylation analysis data available for the paper. Comprehensive analysis of the data includes differentially methylated sites, differentially methylated regions, gene annotation and enrichment, global methylation profiles, etc. The results can be used directly for publication.
  • Wide range of service options. We offer research services in the areas of age prediction, disease biomarkers, longevity interventions for aging-related DNA methylation analysis, with multiple directions to choose from.

CD BioSciences is a resourceful biological service provider offering innovative services related to health, aging, longevity and research. Through research with significant applications, we collaborate with universities and research institutions across the country to promote longevity research through technology sharing and experimental inquiry.

We are committed to providing DNA methylation analysis services to our clients around the world. Please feel free to visit and contact us to discuss how we can advance the research journey related to aging and longevity.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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We are a comprehensive technology platform company integrating aging DNA methylation, telomere, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome research.

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