DNA Methylation Dynamics Analysis


DNA methylation pattern changes with age and has an important impact on human longevity and related disease development. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study DNA methylation dynamics in aging process. CD BioSciences can provide a variety of DNA methylation analysis services to identify and characterize DNA methylation changes during aging and age-related diseases.

DNA Methylation Dynamics in Aging

Numerous studies have shown that changes in DNA methylation dynamics during aging proceed in a specific direction. Individuals at different stages of life have distinct DNA methylation patterns that change in a tissue-specific manner during aging. DNA methylation plays an important role in a variety of age-related biological processes, including aging and related diseases, which is the most potential biomarker for monitoring aging, exploring longevity, and predicting longevity.

However, most of the dynamic mechanisms of DNA methylation remain unexplored. As such, CD BioSciences provides basic research services to clients studying this field, gathering information and providing technologies designed to help researchers determine the potential role of DNA methylation dynamics in aging.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive analytical services to address the dynamics of DNA methylation during aging and related diseases, including analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation levels, expanding the field of DNA methylation analysis through array and sequencing technologies.

DNA methylation analysis provides unique insights into aging research and has potential applications in other fields. For example, in the study of age-related diseases, to help identify measurable molecular markers for further use in diagnostic and therapeutic research. As well as help predict longevity, measure the physiological state of individuals, and promote research on longevity.

Our Features and Advantages

High-throughput analysis technology Multiple bioinformatics tool We can provide methylome analysis at the scale of a large number of biological samples, providing the greatest possibility for assessing DNA dynamics in the environment of aging. After data acquisition, we provide free technical support for bioinformatic analysis of DNA methylation data for identification and characterization of methylation marks.


  • As a lifespan biomarker, it has potential lifespan prediction ability by analyzing DNA methylation changes to assess the effect of aging process.
  • As a biomarker for age-related diseases, it becomes a measurable indicator to predict or evaluate treatment disease states, helping the development of personalized medicine.

CD BioSciences has rich experience in dynamic analysis of DNA methylation and a high-throughput technology platform. Combining experience and technology, we are confident in delivering a high-quality service and guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Especially in genome-wide analysis, we can provide cost-effective and accurate sequencing services.

If you need related measurement services and have any questions about our services, please contact us.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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We are a comprehensive technology platform company integrating aging DNA methylation, telomere, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome research.

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