Compounds Affecting Telomeres In Vitro Studies


CD BioSciences has years of service experience and a team of experts with extensive industry experience, advanced technology platforms, and top-notch expertise. We can provide one-stop in vitro services for your telomere impact studies to analyze the effects of compounds acting on telomere length, including natural compounds, antioxidant protectors, and related therapeutics.

How Do We Regulate Telomere Length?

The effects of biological aging, cell proliferation, oxidative stress, and others play a key role in the regulation of telomere length. It is due to their action on telomeres that there exist a number of natural or derived compounds that can regulate telomere length through these mechanisms. A number of products are currently on the market that have been evaluated in vitro and in vivo and have shown positive effects.

Our Services

We provide in vitro study services to assist our clients in verifying the telomere length modulating effects of the product in question. The entire service process is completely confidential and includes a study director for the project, assay selection and design, protocol involvement, study execution, data analysis, and ultimately a full written report.

Services include

Compounds Affecting Telomeres In Vitro Studies

Natural Compounds Analysis on Telomere Length
Some natural compounds are known to have this positive effect on telomeres. To be able to apply them efficiently and safely in therapeutic studies, it is valuable to analyze their toxicological/physiological profiles and to assess their telomeric mechanisms of action.

Compounds Affecting Telomeres In Vitro Studies

Antioxidants Analysis on Telomere Length
Numerous studies have shown the oxidative stress status of the individual affects the telomere status, which telomere length can be regulated through oxidative stress. Therefore, the use of antioxidants may have the effect of slowing down the rate of telomere shortening and thus slowing down aging.

Compounds Affecting Telomeres In Vitro Studies

Therapeutic Drugs Analysis on Telomere Length
Telomeres can be beneficially lengthened with medication. Telomere wear is strongly associated with the onset of age-related disease and death, and thus there is increasing interest in the specific effects of relevant therapeutic drugs on telomere length.

Service Features

  • Our expertise covers telomere biology, aging biology, primary cell biology, and many other aspects. We assist our clients with pre-project research through in vitro studies.
  • Techniques such as telomere measurements and primary cell-based analyses are used to investigate the mechanism of action and provide key information for subsequent in vivo studies.
  • We make every effort to ensure that your product validation runs smoothly, including full and immediate access to project experts, responsive and thorough communication, and fast turnaround times for information and data.

Our Goals

  • To help researchers custom design and execute standard in vitro studies and submit results to accelerate subsequent product adoption.
  • To be able to provide timely answers to expertise and full-service research solutions.

CD BioSciences will work with our clients to tailor research contracts to specific requirements and expectations in order to achieve partner research goals. We are determined to be your preferred and trusted provider of basic research services. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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