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CD BioSciences, located in the United States, offers a full range of aging and longevity research consulting, design, implementation, management, reporting and analysis services to facilitate your research and applications. We often need professionals from aging and other related technical fields to join us as talented individuals seeking to learn and innovate to contribute to the future of aging research and development.

Recruitment Positions

Project Director

  • Locations: Shirley, NY
  • Job Description:
    Lead the core project team, establish a working relationship with the client's project team, and be responsible for the project delivery in terms of agreed time, scope, cost and quality, so as to satisfy the client.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    Prepare and review research-related documents, such as research plan drafts, amendments, and technical procedures;
    Assist in the development of anti-aging related technologies and applications and plan and coordinate laboratory activities using a variety of automated equipment and analytical instruments.
  • Qualifications:
    Doctorate degree in biology, chemistry or related majors;
    3 years or more of work experience;
    Have project design, experimental team formation and laboratory management capabilities.

Laboratory Staff

  • Locations: Shirley, NY
  • Job Description:
    Serve as a key member of a lab-based research scientist and cross-functional team to accelerate projects by concretely implementing relevant experiments.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    Design and implement basic experimental protocols to advance research progress; Conduct biological experiments to explore and validate relevant results;
    Be a key part of a larger multidisciplinary team and use your energy to develop projects and solve critical problems.
  • Qualifications:
    PhD in Biology or Chemistry with 3+ years of laboratory experience;
    Practical experience in aging research;
    Good knowledge and ability to learn about relevant diseases;
    Proactive, with strong analytical, organizational and creative skills.

Project Manager

  • Locations: Shirley, NY
  • Job Description:
    As a project manager, you will be expected to contribute to our business planning, focusing on simplifying processes, increasing business value and exceeding customer needs. Be able to handle inquiries, have a strong professional background, be able to solve customer needs, communicate with customers and provide professional technical support.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    Establish a successful working relationship with customers;
    Close communication and cooperation with customers, project leaders and other parties to carry out projects;
    Plan and implement project-related actions and solve problems in the project process.
  • Qualifications:
    PhD degree, preferably in biology or pharmacology;
    Basic understanding of the experimental process and other applications of aging research;
    Experience in leading or managing activities;
    Excellent communication skills between internal and external customers.

Online Application

To apply for a position, please complete the online application carefully and include a cover letter as well as your other references.
Please note that we do not accept applications by phone.