Candidate Gene Methylation Analysis
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Candidate Gene Methylation Analysis


DNA methylation plays an important role in human health, aging, longevity and age-related disease. Based on this, quantitative analysis of DNA methylation is crucial for aging and longevity research and disease mechanism research. Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis can provide us with many target regions in which loci in candidate genes may be highly correlated with aging and longevity. And compared with the simultaneous detection of all loci, such sequence-specific gene methylation studies have the advantages of low cost, simple technology and simple procedures.

CD BioSciences provides a sequence-specific DNA methylation analysis method to detect and quantify DNA methylation in candidate genes, enabling high-resolution scanning of selected regions as well as more detailed analysis of individual CpG and surrounding regions.

Our Services

We provide a low-cost method for methylation analysis, which can help you overcome the high cost and large sample size of whole genome sequencing to speed up your methylome association study because it only targets the methylation of candidate genome parts.

Technical route — CD BioSciences

  • Candidate gene selection service. The selection of candidate genes can be based on genes previously related to those you have studied, in which locus-specific differential methylation was found in the study; or we can help you to perform differential methylation analysis to find candidate genes.
  • DNA methylation analysis services. We design primers to amplify gene fragments from bisulfite-converted DNA using PCR and pyrosequencing for quantitative DNA methylation analysis.
  • Statistical analysis of candidate gene data. We examine the association of DNA methylation at each CpG site with the direction of research by statistical analysis, and perform a validation analysis in an expanded sample to further screen for CpG sites with significantly higher specificity.


Use candidate gene methylation studies as a discovery tool to initially detect associations with aging or related diseases to understand differential methylation across samples through data statistical analysis. Use candidate gene methylation studies to track important gene regions discovered by research, observe and correctly address differences at methylation sites, and provide validation using different techniques. Discovery tools to detect associations Validation tool for candidate genes


  • Our technology allows rapid and reproducible targeted quantification of individual CpGs in a high-throughput manner.
  • We can analyze most CpG sites in candidate genes with high detection accuracy to obtain low-differentiation DNA methylation data.
  • In addition to methylation analysis of candidate genes, our services can also be used to validate CpG detected by genome-wide techniques.

As a provider dedicated to providing aging and longevity research services, CD BioSciences provides our customers with efficient sequence-specific methylation analysis services, specializing in the detection of methylation levels in certain genes, which will facilitate rapid and low-cost studies of DNA methylation.

We can help you speed up your research, provide the services you need with the shortest turnaround time, and provide technical support so our clients can focus more on aging-related research. If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.


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