Cancer DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery


Biomarkers are characteristics that can predict, identify or monitor specific diseases. DNA methylation changes are one such biomarker, and a number of DNA methylation biomarkers have been identified that can be applied to diseases such as cancer. As a biological services company with advanced DNA methylation technology, CD BioSciences can provide DNA methylation biomarker discovery services for cancer.


Cancer is an age-related malignant disease, and the discovery and use of biomarkers of cancer is of great value in helping cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Several molecular changes may occur during aging and the cancer process, of which DNA methylation is one. Currently, the assessment of DNA methylation levels by methylation-based assay strategies can be used as a molecular marker for cancer detection. The development of DNA methylation biomarkers in different cancer diseases will then provide an important tool for cancer diagnosis and a valuable source for therapy development.

What We Can Offer

We can perform genome-wide DNA methylation analysis on different individuals to identify potential methylation biomarkers for cancer.

Technical route for cancer DNA methylation biomarker discovery—CD BioSciences

Discovery/validation of DNA methylation biomarkers of candidate sequences

  • We provide data collection and processing, with primary sources being publicly available datasets or direct from our clients. Our biomarker discovery service focuses on common cancer diseases such as kidney cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.
  • We exclude CpG loci with low methylation levels and rank the remaining loci according to their specificity, select loci with high specificity as candidate regional loci, and perform whole-genome sequencing to screen and validate the conforming biomarkers by sample control.

DNA methylation biomarker analysis evaluation

We design, validate, and optimize the sensitivity and specificity of DNA methylation for the screened candidate DNA methylation sites.

Sample Requirements

You can provide any biological tissue/cell sample for DNA methylation analysis, commonly blood, saliva, urine, etc.

type quantity requirement
Blood sample >3 mL EDTA anticoagulation tube collection, invert and mix
Saliva sample >2 mL Use a commercial saliva collection kit and rinse your mouth before collection
Urine sample >3 mL Use a commercial urine collection kit
Other samples - Just follow the general sample storage conditions


  • We use advanced DNA methylation analysis techniques to establish standardized methods that can advance the discovery of DNA methylation biomarkers in the cancer field.
  • We can quantify DNA methylation to a high level of precision to identify and analyze small differences in methylation levels, which is essential for use in cancer diagnosis.
  • We can not only discover DNA methylation alone, but also integrate telomere length, other histological changes as an overall marker.

CD BioSciences has delivered many development projects for global customers with satisfactory feedback. Based on the experience of these projects and our proven technology platform, we are committed to helping our customers build and accelerate your DNA methylation research program to achieve your goals for DNA methylation applications with the cancer field. Please contact us to learn more.


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Our services are for research use only and not for any clinical use.

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